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+ Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store
"Our PSN PLAY promotion is coming to an end with one of the most beloved classics of all time: Counter Strike. CS: Global Offensive is available for pre-order for $14.99 or $11.99 for PlayStation Plus members. Those who pre-order receive a static theme, and the more PSN PLAY opportunities you take advantage of, the more credit you’ll receive to use on other items in the PlayStation Store."

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lorianguy2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Yay! A YouTube app at last.
The YouTube XL thing on the browser was irritating.. Although the regular site functioned pretty well after the browser update..

Still, overall onwards and upwards for PlayStation it seems!

morganfell2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Downloading Papo & Yo now and did the pre-order on CS:GO. Really good benefit rounding out the pre-order package.

crawling1822167d ago

I'm waiting on Papo & Yo. Want to see the general reaction to the game before committing.

guitarded772166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

I'll say this. I have been eagerly awaiting Papo & Yo since seeing it demoed at E3, and I am unimpressed. I'm a whore for unique indi games, and I really want to love Papo & Yo, but just can't. It has so much potential, but technical and performance issues keep it from being great. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just not up to the level of other games of the same ilk... sadly. I would definitely demo it before buying. Outside of technical and performance issues, the game has an atmosphere of exploration, so as a player, I wander off to mess with the environment, but the game is almost forceful in making you go from objective to objective... it's hard to explain, but it takes away form the feel of the game. If you haven't played Ico, I recommend playing that instead. Hope this helps.

Here's a link to the GameSpot review... they gave it a 7.5

Iceman X2167d ago

This App is worthless, i use YouTube all the time in my PS3 browser, it works just as good as the PC. Only thing is no HD last time i checked. The only good thing would be if this App does do HD, then it's worth something.

Rage_S902167d ago

You've got to be joking that thing is a pos.

HammadTheBeast2167d ago

The Youtube on Ps3 browser has maybe 120 p quality.

Iceman X2167d ago

True, like i said HD is the only problem, other than that it works fine. I'd rather have more gaming apps. I mean most people got a PC with a real browser anyway.

DeletedAcc2167d ago

Only for US ???? Wtf...

Getowned2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

its US only? I don't see it. :/

Crackel or w.e is slow as hell

DeletedAcc2167d ago

I downloaded it on my us account but i can use it with my eu acc !!
Thank u sony! We love ya!!!

Getowned2167d ago

Thanks Sackboy305, that worked for me, bubbles for the tip.

I don't like how you type to search for videos,but it seem like it runs well.

BitbyDeath2167d ago

Bubble up Sackboy, worked for me too.
Just loaded the latest Last of Us trailer and while the searching sucks the videos do play brilliantly!

Bedlam_at_lokis2167d ago

Yay, update I can use! *Happy dance*

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The story is too old to be commented.