Mobile Games Taking Big Bites Out of Nintendo, Sony's Handheld Biz

Gamasutra- Richard Firminger, CEO of metrics firm Flurry Analytics, told a GDC Europe audience today that revenue that is coming from the iOS and Android is killing off the handheld video game market, where dedicated portable game systems like Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's PlayStation Vita currently compete.

Firminger said that the share of revenue for iOS and Android games in the overall U.S. handheld and mobile game market has grown from 19 percent of a $2.7 billion market in 2009 to 58 percent of a $3.3 billion market in 2011.

"It's really sort the biggest content revolution that we've ever seen. It's exciting and it shows that indies can kill a very, very established market."

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Ilovetheps42227d ago

I would disagree with this. The 3DS is selling better right now than the DS did at the same time in the lifespan of the handhelds. The DS is currently the best selling handheld console. If the DS is being outpaced by the 3DS, then mobile gaming isn't doing too much to the handheld market yet.

But in the end, I hope that mobile gaming doesn't become the new handhelds. I like to have buttons. I can't use just a touch screen to control my games. I need buttons. It just doesn't feel right without them.

LAZL0-Panaflex2227d ago

Handhelds are dying, deal with it. Soon you'll be able to use a PS or Xbox controller with your smartphone and tablets. ;-)

schlanz2226d ago

What do you mean by soon, you can already pair a PS3 controller to Android.

ronin4life2226d ago

And that's just it: Mobile isn't cutting into sales, Mobile is just in a seperate area.(for the most part)
If it was "killing", then the 3ds would have been hurt, but it hasn't. It has, at best, been left untouched and at worst slowed by a factor not worth noting.

schlanz2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

"19 percent of a $2.7 billion market in 2009 to 58 percent of a $3.3 billion market in 2011."

How do you ignore the facts?

Mobile games market in 2009: ~500 million
Handheld games market in 2009: ~2.2 billion

Mobile games market in 2011: ~1.9 billion
Handheld games market in 2011: 1.4 billion

The numbers don't lie. And you're thinking in terms of hardware. Sure the 3DS is selling well, but the software compared to past years is not.

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TBM2227d ago

If i ever become attached to mobile gaming over dedicated handhelds that will be the day i quit gaming on portable devices.

mobile gaming just can't give me the quality i look for from dedicated handhelds.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

"mobile gaming just can't give me the quality i look for from dedicated handhelds."

If you mean graphical quality then idk..

Just need buttons.

Tegra 4 coming also.

Tablets & smartphones are kinda like pc. New hardware every year so I would't be surprised to see tegra 5 blow vita out of the water visually.

TBM2227d ago

I mean overall quality, plus controls

LAZL0-Panaflex2226d ago

Finally someone with a brain.

schlanz2226d ago

You can say that now, but you have to expect the highest level of quality for mobile games to become better and better with time. Think about how much handheld games have gotten better over the last 5 years. Although the graphics have gotten better I wouldn't say as a whole they have become much deeper or compelling experiences, with a few exceptions of course. Mobile games on the other hand, comparing the best quality games from 5 years ago with today its a completely night and day situation. That isn't to say on a whole they can yet offer anything like what we see on 3DS or Vita, but the potential is there and developers are putting more effort and resources into making mobile games better and better. As the market grows and more people show they are willing to spend more than 99 cents on a game, better stuff will come out.

The fact that I can play games like Max Payne and GTA 3 on my Nexus Tablet is very encouraging regarding the future of the platform. The potential is certainly there, and developers are taking notice.

tehpees32227d ago

If you guys are right by the end of the year I'll give you the benefit of the doubt but until then Vita isn't in too much danger.

If your going to cry failure, wait and see how it's first year goes first.

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