New Soul Sacrifice trailer

Sony released a new trailer for Soul Sacrifice.

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R_aVe_N2194d ago

This game look very promising and omg how many games are Sony Japan working on at once???

NiceGuy1922194d ago

Looks promising indeed. I have no idea why they didn't show this at their press conference.

Plagasx2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

They really should ONLY be working on one game.....................

r212194d ago

they are an amazingly flexible studio :D sony should rally get more Japanese studios!

Skateboard2194d ago

Sounds like the announcer from the old Resident Evil games, LOL.

Unexpecta2194d ago

Lol but it was a perfect ending.

This was a sick trailer. I liked it a lot. Many home runs coming to the PSVita.

Burning_Finger2194d ago

I expect nothing less from the Megaman creator. Adding it to my PSVITA collection.

pandehz2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

change the player

heres a link

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The story is too old to be commented.