New Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time screenshots

Sony released a bunch of new Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time screenshots.

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prototypeknuckles2105d ago

salim al kupar, oh crap, everyday sanzaru gives me hope that they can bring sly back and make a better sly game than suckerpunch, if theis turns out good, then they should do jak 4.

PirateThom2105d ago

I think if this turns out well, that's a very real possibility.

DigitalRaptor2105d ago

It seems Sanzaru are living up to the legacy. Can't wait.

Man, that is some lush art!

r212105d ago

i really wanted to play it this year but:
im going to be patient AGAIN and wait another couple of months. welp, its better than waiting a couple of years :L