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Jim Sterling writes, "If The Last Story is the Wii's swan song, it is a miserable dirge, full of regret and remorse."

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Dread2161d ago

have you played it?

be honest.

AsheXII2161d ago

Im from europe, ive played it early this year.

poolsharky272161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

I sort of agree with the review. While 4/10 is probably a tad too low, the game was actually pretty average/boring, and Xenoblade was simply better in every possible way.

poolsharky272161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Accidental double post.

turgore2161d ago

These sort of reviews should be illegal, because they are clearly not done in good faith but are done for hits. The sad part is that it affects game's metacritic rating.

It is a well known fact that Sterling is a major troll. Other reputable sites gave it very high scores, such as Gamespot (9) and IGN (8.5)

Roper3162161d ago

I don't think there is any such thing as a reputable reviewer. Gamespot & IGN are more worried about the sponsor/advertising money that writing a proper honest review.

I personally either just buy the game or I go to a forum where I know certain members that tend to like/dislike the same games as me and I see what they have to say.

Gamer19822161d ago

I agree with above just look a t the scores Gamespot and IGN have been giving COD for the last 3-4 years. You really want to base them on big hitters?

mobiusoneac42161d ago

I wouldn't call Gamespot or IGN reputable, but merely paying attention to scores is what's wrong with a lot of people. The score should be an afterthought to the article. Better yet, score systems should just be dropped.

SonyNGP2161d ago

Oh no! Jim gave another Nintendo game a low score! Let's lynch the man!

lol. You aren't forced to read the review.

Chrono2161d ago

That's dumb. I'm finished this game, it's so amazing. I would give it 9/10. Easily one of the Wii's best.

guitar_nerd_232161d ago

Totally, if your a jrpg fan it's reason enough to pick up a cheap 2nd hand Wii.

guitar_nerd_232161d ago

Bah, it's a great game- just a bit too easy.

If you like Sakaguchi's style you will love it.

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