THQ And Square Enix Should Not Have Released 'Darksiders II' And 'Sleeping Dogs' On The Same Day

Forbes, Erik Kain - "The decision by Square Enix and THQ to release both their big August titles on the same exact day strikes me as not only wrong-headed from a business perspective, but a great disservice to both games."

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gaffyh2225d ago

Tbh, I'd expect Sleeping Dogs to suffer more than Darksiders 2 since it's a new IP really. But I agree, one of them should have delayed their game or something.

da_2pacalypse2225d ago

I would hardly consider sleeping dogs a new IP since it was originally to be the next true crime game. I'm hoping both games do well, but it was foolish of them to release on the same day when the entire summer was basically dead. I'm sure one of them could have released a week earlier.

Baka-akaB2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

it was always a new ip , then activision tried to force it as a True crime game but only for a very short time before dropping it .

It can't rely on the True Crime fame , wich isnt even really good as a brand anyway .

da_2pacalypse2225d ago

Am I the only person who liked the old True Crime games? :/ lol

Baka-akaB2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Dunno , i just dont remember it being a big deal and always found it to be awful and glitchy gta wannabes .

ChunkyLover532225d ago

Agreed, even though people always complain that there aren't enough new IP's, people largely ignore the new IP's in favor of sequels, yet those people who buy the sequels, will complain that there are too many sequels being made!

Round and round we go!
On a side note, I picked up both.

Hicken2224d ago

... how do you know that the people who only buy the sequels are the same ones who complain about there not being enough new IPs? How do you know that the people who complain about there being too many sequels only buy the sequels and NOT the new IPs, as well?

Was there some survey or study conducted that you're privy to, something the rest of us are unaware of? If there is none, then you're just pulling that entire supposition out of places suppositions shouldn't be, in the first place.

ChunkyLover532224d ago

Look at recent new IP sales, pretty much all of them are losing money, L.A. Noire, Bulletstorm, Homefront ect...

Sequels are what people are buying.

Awesome_Gamer2224d ago

Darksiders 2 is better for me so far, played both but something is just... "wrong" with Sleeping Dogs

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falcon2622225d ago

Darksiders was the one who originally moved its launch back to spend more time on quality assurance. Personally, there hasn't been much I purchased this summer
(except for Lolli pop and DLC) so I had extra cased stash to pick up both titles.
The problem is...making enough time to play em both.

TBM2225d ago

I didn't care i bought both yesterday, right now i started with sleeping dogs first then I'll move on to darksiders 2.

dubt722225d ago

I got both also. The fact that there really was nothing outside of sports games coming out, people had plenty of time to plan on getting both if they really wanted them. I will say it was smart not to carry over to September, as Borderlands 2 looks set to crush all else.

BTW, when I buy 2 games, I tend to bounce back and forth betwixt the 2, rather than tackle one and move to the next. It prevents burnout for me.

MadMax2225d ago

Same here, juggling too many games at the moment that never got finished. Will be jumping between those two games for awhile i think.

TBM2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

I usually do that too, but i think i wanna just play straight through this time around lol. i have a lot of unfinished games to get through lol.

rayman origins
eternal sonata
24 hrs of nurburg in GT5 lol
dead space 1, 2
jak 2

damn i really need to buckle down and power through these games lol. with borderlands 2 around the corner i better get cracking as that will take up the bulk of my play time lol.

Angrymorgan2225d ago

Getting sleeping dogs Friday, only just started to play darksiders so I can wait a while for 2

Baka-akaB2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

It's fine and dandy to say that but delay one into what and when ?

In september both would get murdered by the likes of Fifa , Tekken tag 2 or Borderland 2 . And DOA and a few other games while not a threat would be an hindrance .

A bit later you've got PES and other big titles .

There was nothing in august and july saves Persona 4A , SP and DS2 ... at least it can thrive in that period and get enough good rep and word to mouth to keep selling in the next months .

Angrymorgan2225d ago

Yea that's a good point, it depends how much I enjoy darksiders, as to when or if I get the sequel.

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