Black Ops 2 multiplayer: eight most important changes

OXM - Dumping killstreaks, changing loadouts, adding gadgets.

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Nocturne1471944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Whoa! Eight changes, EIGHT-Changes! This gonna be a bit bigger update than i tought. (•_•)

AdmiralSnake1944d ago

Eight changes in which the Author believes are the biggest changes to the Multiplayer portion of the game... In reality it's more than just 8 different changes.

rpd1231944d ago

I like these changes. I'll probably get Black Ops 2, but not when it comes out. More likely when it drops in price.

Scenarist1944d ago

I hate to say it.... but i cant wait for the next fucking ... callllll of duuuutyy (in my sad voice)

The Meerkat1944d ago

This game is like an abusive partner.

It keeps saying it will change, it promises that everything will be different it you give it one more go.

So you go back, hoping that it really means it this time.

You have one wonderful night then BAM! You realise nothing has changed and you're just as miserable as you were before. And now you hate yourself for not buying Halo 4 instead.

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