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Submitted by Mystery-Food-X 1272d ago | news

PlayStation Mobile still aims to take on iOS, Android games

Sony's PlayStation Mobile still promises to loosen up the PlayStation brand with added partnerships with Asus and Wikipad, but it isn't a wide-open platform yet. (Industry, Mobile, Sony)

Rush  +   1272d ago
It has support for a handful of Android based devices, It needs to loosen up platform restrictions badly if it's to become anything more then a niche marketplace.

It has a long long long way to go before it comes anywhere close to even shadowing iOS and the Google play store.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1272d ago
"“There are a variety of OSes,” he added. “But we’re focusing first on Android. There’s also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don’t have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start.” - Kaz Hirai

1 year later they buy Gaikai. Gaikai = resource? It's still on pc anyway. + Planetside 2.

They better do something cuz the other guys ain't playin..

Their master plan is all coming together.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1272d ago
Yeah they need to merge not compete, else they will get squashed.
joeorc  +   1272d ago
how's this for not being a niche marketplace
PlayStation Mobile could offer Trophies, free games in future
Published Friday, Jul 20 2012

PlayStation Mobile could offer Trophy support, it has been revealed.

Senior account manager Agostino Simonetta said that the PS3 and Vita feature is something the team is awaiting feedback on from the community.

PlayStation Mobile could offer Trophy support, it has been revealed.

Senior account manager Agostino Simonetta said that the PS3 and Vita feature is something the team is awaiting feedback on from the community.

© Sony

"That's something we're looking at, it's on the road map. We're looking at a timeline for that," he told Digital Spy at Develop in Brighton.

"We're actually waiting to get feedback from the development community to see what they want, or what areas of PSN they want to be ported across."

Simonetta added that free games is also something the team can offer over time, with the service only accepting free-to-play games from launch.

The team recently revealed that PS3 support could also be in the works if touch controls are figured out.

PlayStation Mobile is an open, cross-platform digital distribution service for PlayStation Certified devices, including Vita and supported Android phones and tablets.

During Sony's E3 2012 conference, the firm renamed PlayStation Suite as PlayStation Mobile and revealed HTC as a PlayStation Certified partner.

PlayStation Mobile has yet to be given a roll-out date.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1272d ago
To bad the games are not coming from playstation to other devices.. Don't care about trophies. I hope gaikai changes this. Buy once play everywhere is all I would want. Now that's open. Like netflix.

If sony doesn't do it another company will in the future.
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joeorc  +   1272d ago
"To bad the games are not coming from playstation to other devices"

that's not true at all here you go:

example: Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Daxter and flOw both are also on its way

for instance PS3's flow and daxter is on it's way to PSM certified devices.

Not just back catalog, Sony 1st party are making games for playstation Mobile, i mean why not the Playstation Mobile games and application's can also be ran on the PSVita.
chasegarcia  +   1272d ago
Playstation mobile will take Sony to the top.-This is my prediction. I am talking about back to making $$$. Like back in the day.

I have to disagree with RUSH. Restrictions is what sets it apart from others. If you let anybody in, is just another store filled with bad games.
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jon1234  +   1272d ago
i was excited for this but, i read from someone developing software and they were saying that developing for playstation mobile is going to be limited since sony wants what ever gets published to work on everything playstation, so from the vita to the crappiest sony phone to support apps for playstation mobile, which is some pretty crappy phone, i forgot the name of it.... hopefully it changes though.... who knows
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joeorc  +   1272d ago
ok, you and other's just do not get it

this device runs the Tegra 3 Chipset

"so from the vita to the crappiest sony phone to support apps for playstation mobile, which is some pretty crappy phone"

pretty crappy phone?

look sparky, I do not know who's feeding you that diatribe,on what ever website you been reading, but i doubt very much their credentials are that good with statement's just like you just said. Hacker site maybe?

LMAO, the kind of site that never wants to work with Sony but wants to try to get around NDA's and not go with the Official SDK , with Sony support forum's, that kinda site?


what you and many other's are not grasping, is what these mobile chipset's are really capable of.

would you call the PSVita, crappy in its hardware?

because, if you did vs many of the existing top end smart devices including the iPAD 3, the PSVita even has better hardware than that iPad 3 device and is much cheaper to boot.

but what you are also missing, is exactly what these smartphones that Sony's put out into the market, some of the best smartphones there is, hell the camera sensor is pretty good that other companies smart phones are purchasing their Camera cmos component's off of Sony, that include the iphone 4s, and the iPad has sony camera's inside of them.

the Tegra 3 chipset support's DirectX10.1 you know what's funny is even the PS3 and the xbox360 hardware do not even support the full directX10.1 support. what's even more amusing is this year Mobile ARM Cortex chipset's even support DirectX 11.1 and Shader Model 4 and higher.

those crappy phones you just said that Sony put's out,those crappy smartphone's have more robust hardware than the d@mn Nintendo Wii.. this is not conjecture, this is 100% a fact.

the fact that as you said a crappy Sony smartphone, mean's you know less about what's in the d@mn smartphones than you can even put out a very viable viewpoint on its capability's and your post shows that right off the bat.those crappy Sony smartphones as you just claimed has more powerfull chipset than the Wii, must mean the Wii is so far down on the list of hardware that it's below that what your saying?

because the Wii is a very good system for Gaming, but these chipset's even in the lowest smartphone's today are running upwards of 1 GHz and over 2 GHz and higher, have more ram, and have more dedicated VRram, Hell the Nintendo 3DS has 6 MB OF DEDICATED VRram, but yet the PSVita has 128 MB of dedicated VRram, with Most smartphones running 64MB of Dedicated VRram or Higher. Look what the orig. PSP was able to do with only 4 MB of dedicated VRram!

Crappy hardware indeed..oh brother
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1272d ago
For all those geeks who didnt believe me i told u so. Tablets are taking over slowly but surely.
joeorc  +   1272d ago
this is all you need to see
think about that for a sec, Nvidia tegra 2+ chipset's are already ready to be certified only thing any company that runs the Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 chipset has to do is sign a licence agreement, playstation Mobile run's on the Tegra 3. wikipad is Tegra 3, they also Have HTC, Now ASUS transformor Pro, Prime etc. and the crown jewl soon will be samsung.

Samsung saw the biggest growth, from 70 million phones in Q2 2011 to 90 million (total handsets) in Q2 2012. 90 million!!! in 3 month's, remember my post yesterday, Apple 8.3 million iphone's in 3 months, and Sony sold 7.4 million xperia smarphones in 3 month's..Samsung sold 90 million, and people really have to question why Sony moved the Playstation biz. to mobile..lmao


again Sony now has HTC,ASUS,Wikipad,Nvidia...who do people think is next?

PSVita vs the 3DS...bwhahahaha..yea Nintendo sold what 16 million 3DS's in what 18 months? and right now people still think Nintendo is the king...LMAO

90 million smartphones sold in 3 month's people just by one company alone.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1272d ago
Agreed. Good luck getting these kids to agree with us. Theyll come around when they see a couple of their buddies playing god of war and gears of war on the same tablet/ phone.

Im gonna go out on a limb and say: ms disappers like ibm after failing with window tablets and phones

sony joins google/android OR makes games for apple and android and windows if theyre still making window phones.

Nintendo becomes like sega and just makes games for apple, android, and windows if they still make phones.

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