See the New PlayStation All-Stars Characters in Action

IGN - Videos and impressions for Sackboy, Ratchet, Spike and Dante.

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Xperia_ion2231d ago

Give me Kat or I will be forced to troll with new Dante.

HarryMasonHerpderp2231d ago

Kat would be a great character.
She's got the fighting styles and she could have some sweet supers.

IAmLee2231d ago

why the shit looking dante :(

slaton242231d ago

dude thats been confirmed to be his actual younger self so no not shit looking dante.....y not just enjoy the game as it is and not what a character looks if they gave cloud from FF7 red hair so what

MaxXAttaxX2231d ago

I don't remember Dante being a douche and rude. He was born with white/silver hair.

slaton242231d ago

well it was confirmed at E3 so yeah thanks for the disagree and yeah he was rude their is a difference between being rude and hateful and umm where in the games does it say he was born with silver hair i own the collection on ps2 and HD collection on ps3 no where does it say he was BORN with SILVER HAIR.

IAmLee2227d ago

In marvel vs capcom, dante says he's always had white hair. DMC 3 was meanr to be based around the younger dante. Ninja theory have fucked up a perfectly good franchise.

Omar912231d ago

The characters are fine imo but ive been having a hard time getting excited recently because from what ive seen some of the characters level 3 supers are the same. Sly cooper, ratchet, radec all have similar level 3's. If the major point of this game is to use supers i would have assumed they would put more effort in the supers.
Also why are all the characters unlocked from the start? Thats disapointing

CanadianTurtle2231d ago

I don't mean to sound needy but I'm actually quite upset that there is NOTHING Resistance related in this game. At least, nothing announced.

Reverent2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Why the disagree? The hedgehog grenade from Resistance IS in fact in the game... There are plenty of videos showing it.

Be more observant maybe?

Relientk772231d ago

I watched all the videos. Omg I really love what I see, cannot wait for this game