Are gun-based games and real guns getting too close?

David Hollingworth:

There are some interesting facets of Medal of Honor: Warfighter that aren't really being talked up a lot locally. Sure, we get all the hype about the game, and its international focus. We get trailers and screens, and yes, even folks like me talking about how much fun the game is.

But until today, I wasn't aware of just how tightly partnered the game and developer Danger Close and publisher EA are with actual gun manufacturers.

I discovered the link in this excellent article at the AV Club's Gamelogical Society, and it's worth reading. Here in Australia, with our rather more stringent gun laws, it's almost a non-issue, but in the US, where gun-violence seems to be on the rise (which, given it's always been there, is HELLA-scary), it's a touch... disturbing.

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FrightfulActions2075d ago

I know I hardly get a good nights sleep when I think of how realistic Medal of Honor's guns are. I just know somewhere out there one of the on-screen enemies is going to fire a sniper shot so precisely accurate and real that it will cross the dimensions of reality and space time itself. Whats worst? It will kill the poor bastard holding the controller.

All because of these disgusting war-hungry video game designers who insist on having things as realistic and real-life simulating as possible. It just freakin' figures its by EA too. First they take our money with underhanded schemes then they start killing us off with their hyper-realistic videogames. Soon there will be no one left alive from the virtual gun apocalypse and EA will reign supreme ruler of all the lands. Maybe then their greed will be satisfied. Until then we are all victims of their hyper-realistic guns.

I shudder to think of the day we reach the peak of virtual simulation and hologram rooms. The end of days and time itself. BRB now, have to change my pants, I believe my soiled myself from fright.

Gaming1012075d ago

LOLOLOL exactly, this author's a pussy, guns being too real? Isn't realism what every gamer keeps whining about these days? More realistic graphics, physics, swords, guns, cars, complaining is stupid and counter-intuitive. If anything, they should be more realistic - seeing the real pain that guns cause and the ruining of lives that guns are capable of might actually prevent a stupid person from picking up a gun in the first place... just maybe.

Lucretia2075d ago

swords in games have always killed since they first started being in games.

no one complained about the swords being just like real swords, and swords make a far more brutal kill, aswell as far messier

h311rais3r2075d ago

The guns in these games look real. They sound real BUT they do not behave real. Not even close and it's a fact. No one in real life is as accurate as they are in games.

The average bullets per kill is something like 1000 to 1.

Most combat is engaged in 500m plus.

In games like medal of honor and even battlefield the firearms are too accurate. Guns also jam. Bullets misfire. Some bullets (depending on grain load per casing) don't go as far. Etc

So my answer is hell no video game guns are not getting too close to the real thing.

Besides guns are more fun to shoot in real life then a game. Go with friends to a range and try to hit a moving metal gong at 50 meters. It's not easy.

sonicsidewinder2075d ago

What a ridculous excuse for an article...

Jaybronee2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Actually, gun violence and murders in the US are at a 30 year low. But, that'll all change when MOH comes out..people are liable to go berserk after a few rounds of multiplayer. Who approved this article???

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