Why Was The PS3 Super Slim Absent From Sony's GamesCom Conference?

The one announcement everyone thought would happen, didn't. Is the PS3 Super Slim even coming this year?

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R_aVe_N2229d ago

because that is going to be a TGS announcement for the holiday's I would bet.

extermin8or2229d ago

and they have too many old slims in stock

gaffyh2229d ago

They'd just lower the price before the release date of the new slim, and the old slims would fly off the shelves. That's what happened with the phat when the original slim was announced.

extermin8or2229d ago

I'd agree but there was a well known site (I think kokatu) reporting this to be the case and as to why the new slim wouldn't be at gamescom and as they seem to have been correct I'm going to go with their reason for that :p

GribbleGrunger2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Who cares. I completely forgot about that in the waves of excitement.

abzdine2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

same here ! pure awesomeness yesterday.
i'm buying a Vita next weekend

GribbleGrunger2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Wait til Sep 19th (or 25th if you are in America) and get the LBPVita bundle

abzdine2229d ago

i'm getting a bundle with Uncharted or Resistance and get LBP the 19th.
it's also the opportunity to play a few games and demos i already missed.
Can't wait for the LBP2 DLC for Vita control ! I was stunned

ziggurcat2229d ago

in before, "ZOMG why did they not announce the PS4????!?!?!?!"

GaryOak2229d ago

ZOMG Why did they not announce the PS4????!?!?!?!

Xperia_ion2229d ago

I'm glad you got a extra bubble.

jay22229d ago

The PS3 SS was going to be announced at gamescom but there are too many ps3 models needing to be sold.

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