GamesCom 2012: New The Last of Us screens and artworks

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed several new screenshots and artworks for their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, The Last of Us, for this year’s GamesCom event.

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mafiahajeri2227d ago

MP reveal. TGS Im lookng at you...

BelieveinGhosts2227d ago

I wouldnt be too excited for the MP. It will be just like Uncharted with improved grahics and other minor improvements.
naughty dog make amazing single player experience just like 2k and it is what to look forward to most.

I believe that games like Bioshock and Uncharted are best for only single player experiences and coop. I hope The Last Of Us will be more of thesame

camel_toad2227d ago

Yeah I'd have to agree with BelieveinGhosts. I don't see this game having any vs. MP but maybe coop - seems much more fitting given the setting.

Awesome_Gamer2227d ago

Singleplayer > Multiplayer

mafiahajeri2227d ago

I enjoyed those game MP though.