Mr. Gimmick - Composing the Music for the NES Cult Classic

Mr. Gimmick (AKA Gimmick!), Sunsoft's last 8-bit title, is a little-known cult-classic for the Famicom and NES that only saw release in Japan and Scandanavia. Though it didn't sell well, it's still praised by game fans for its eye-popping graphics, grievous difficulty, and high-quality music.

In this interview, composer Masashi Kageyama looks back at his time working on the game. His answers touch on the following subjects:

• What the Mr. Gimmick soundtrack means to him
• The variety of unusual musical influences present in the game's BGM
• His struggles composing within the hardware limitations of the Famicom
• His current activities, 20 years after the game's release

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