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mafiahajeri2163d ago

Looks really bad. 4X4? Ahhh well...

Thatguy-3102163d ago

The animation and graphics look terrible :/ ohh well let's just hope that the vita shines with title like tear away.

Awesome_Gamer2163d ago

Looks like total shit, i'm getting killzone and AC3 instead of this garbage

victorGma212163d ago

Why does Killzone look so incredible (for a handheld device) and this looks like shit? I hope they will improve it.

I am getting Killzone, Little Big Planet and some other games.

raytraceme2163d ago

I think they are trying to maintain their stance on 60fps gaming so maybe that's why it looks this bad?

LOGICWINS2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

"Why does Killzone look so incredible (for a handheld device) and this looks like shit?"

Because not all devs have the same capabilities. Not to mention that Activision probably believes that the COD name alone will sell the game, which is a mistake. COD is a casual title, casuals have demonstrated with the 3DS(and with the Vita so far) that they aren't willing to spend over $200 on a gaming handheld anymore.

The market has changed and people have grown up. Dedicated gaming handhelds are no longer considered "cool". Even kids as little as 10 years old would rather have a smartphone as opposed to a dedicated gaming device.

Kinda funny that a few N4Gers who were telling me that this was going to be the Vita's system seller are the same ones who are bashing the game now.

tachy0n2163d ago

*shows nuketown*

morganfell2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Yet Black Ops on the PS3, 360, and PC look bad compared to other titles in the field and people snap it up.

Ju2163d ago

Looks like an old engine (like CoD HD remake crap). Going with Activision, they probably just ported that over to the PS Vita. Not sure why they can't create something which takes advantage of the HW. Looks outdated, especially when you see KZ:Merc (which runs the KZ3 engine - see Guerrilla saying that on the blog).

FriedGoat2163d ago

This better get delayed and improved. I like when he smashes through the glass it breaks into about 3 pieces.

Straightupbeastly2163d ago

maintain 60 frames? They couldnt even get black ops to run at 60 frames on PS3. This game is definite 30 frames at best.

MaxXAttaxX2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Isn't that how it looks on consoles too? You know, sub-par to other games, lol

Anyway, isn't a COD game what people wanted? So as long as it plays and has multiplayer like COD, then why complain.

BattleAxe2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

Looks pretty disappointing. I can't understand how it is that these crappy developers like Slant 6 and Nihilistic get to work on AAA game franchises. It defies all logic. Oh well, at least Black Ops declassified looks as good as Call of Duty on the 360....

I don't own a VITA yet, but Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal and Killzone: Mercenary will be the first games I buy when I purchase a VITA.

jony_dols2162d ago

As long as it helps Sony shift a couple of million Vitas to the casual crowd, then I don't care about it's quality.

There is plenty of other Vita games to look forward to.

SolidStoner2162d ago

Its a Vita, what would you expect?? Looks like a very good port, I'm surprised... Vita is best handheld gaming device on market for sure!

COD graphics even on vita looks very similar :D good old engine! lmao :D

sikbeta2162d ago



Oh God...

mewhy322162d ago

Call of Duty on Vita may be it's saving grace.

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Nimblest-Assassin2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

They better pack a lot of content if they actually have the nerve to be the most expensive vita game 44.99? Are they joking?

I mean, medal of honor on psp looked this good

Normally this is where i say, graphics aren't everything... but this is cod... we know what to expect

SandWitch2163d ago

FIFA Football also costs 44.99 GBP on UK PS Store...

vallencer2163d ago

Its not the most expensive. Uncharted is at 49.99 in america anyway.

chazjamie2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

this awful game makes me wish gameloft would bring modern combat and nova to the vita, because those games look so much better than that

yabhero2163d ago

I liked how they said covert... Then showed dudes doing the opposite of stealthiness...

DOMination-2163d ago

Looked bad but I also though AC Liberation looked fairly poor graphics wise. Ah well at least the latter looked like it could still be a good game though

HammadTheBeast2163d ago

AC Liberation from what I've seen looks pretty cool, environments are nice and textures work, and animations are good.

This is sh*t. Resistance Burning Skies blows this away. They reused Black Ops maps, the guns and animations look ugly, and it just seems lame.

It's a shame. I hope Soul Sacrifice is shown at Gamescom.

WeskerChildReborned2162d ago

Yea but AC Liberation will be the first open world game on PS vita i think. You could just run around and assassinate people if you wanted too.

rpd1232162d ago


Gravity Rush was open world, but it isn't nearly as big and not very interactive when it comes to the environment. Instead of traversing the city by rooftop you just fly over it.

daggertoes832163d ago

Im not sure who watched the actual conference? But watching this on this website the game does look horrible. But I watched the conference and the gamed looked great. Not sure why it looks bad here.

StanSmith2163d ago

I watched it and The game looked bad on the conference too. Its a terrible looking game.

AnotherProGamer2163d ago

Medal of Honor Heroes 2 on the PSP had like 32 player multiplayer

cpayne932163d ago

Yeah what's up with this and Resistance only having 8? Socom did 16 online I think.

Tony-A2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

It's a Nihilistic Software game..

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they learned much from Burning Skies. 4VS4?? How can you have such a powerful device at your disposal and still manage to make matches so frustratingly small? The game looks terrible..

Thanks to GG for saving the day with Killzone: Mercenary on the Vita. That looks much better. After reading the details on COD, it sounds like Burning Skies with a Call of Duty skin. Not. Impressed.

Soldierone2162d ago

Nihilistic Software needs to quit touching games, they suck. Honestly ruined Resistance and now this crap.....

racer14212163d ago

can a mod please swap the link for this youtube link please:

Most of us on mobile want to see what cod vita looks like also, but judging by your comments I think Activision ruined another title.

Haha1232163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Same developers as that sh*tty resistance burning skies, what would you expect

But ohhwell doesnt matter the COD fanboys will eat this game up and save teh vita lulzzz

TheDivine2162d ago

Why did they give their big fps games to the shittiest developer available? Is sony contracting out to the lowest bidder or something? And activision didnt care enough to make this or at least get a decent developer. Ds games have had higher player counts and this is next gen? I mildly enjoyed Burning Skies until the novelty wore off and i was left with shitty graphics, a horrible story, and a shooting gallery to play. Online was fun but far too basic, too few maps, and a low ass player count. This will be a reskinned Resistance. Yay?

abzdine2163d ago

no problem as long as the game plays well. COD on PS3 looks like a PS2 game. It's not new with the franchise.

Unexpecta2163d ago

I agree, it looks terrible. It's got a modern coat of the Resistance Burning Skies visuals. Ugh, do better guys.

AzaziL2163d ago

Kotick: How can we make a new CoD for vita for the least cost?

Dev: We can do like we do for all games, take CoD4, port it, and add new textures, skins, maps, and we're set.

Kotick: brilliant

Mustang300C20122162d ago

Would have been better than what the hell they have just shown so no that conversation didn't exactly go like you described.

AzaziL2162d ago

yeah, they probably took CoD3 or 2 instead..

swansong2162d ago

I say we all leave our complaints and concerns and suggestions at there website.

DarkHeroZX2162d ago

"Developed by the team at Nihilistic Software"


Muffins12232162d ago

Ive seen iphone with better graphics than

asmith23062162d ago

Depends on how big the maps are. In my opinion multiplayer with less players are more competitive, Gears of War was a good example of that.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2163d ago

LOL why does it look so bad graphically?, Look at Resistance on Vita, or even the Killzone trailer, and then this....WTF :S

I think they just don't want it to look on par with the console version, as that would be embarrassing, so they dumbed it down or something.

PersonaCat2163d ago

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much since their console games look terrible, but lol this looks like a PS1 game.

ddurand12163d ago

the quality does look poor. im hoping theres just something up with the video.

HammadTheBeast2163d ago

Hey reused Nuketown straigt from Blops.

Unexpecta2163d ago

To be honest, graphically speaking Resistance was BS. Everything felt very linear and blocky. Burning Skies truly burned the franchise.

asmith23062163d ago

Its from the same devs as Resistance on Vita as well. Makes you wonder why the graphics aren't up to scratch.

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SonyNGP2163d ago

I've seen iOS games that look better than that :/

StanSmith2163d ago

Agreed. Modern Combat on ios looks a lot better than this and thats on Ipad 2. Vita can do better than this crap, as Killzone proved.

Typical Activision.

DoomeDx2163d ago

Modern Combat on my Galaxy S2 looks even better..

Organization XII2162d ago

Bounce on my Nokia 3310 looks better than this. What are you thinking Sony?

BattleTorn2162d ago

This is what I came to say.

I have Call of Duty on my iphone that looks better!

portal_22162d ago

I think in its current form, the only way I'd get it is if it used this cross-buy promotion and I get it free with BOPS2PS3

Mustang300C20122163d ago

I thought I was watching the Modern Combat game for IOS. That looked bad and now we see why they held off for so long to show it.

-Alpha2163d ago

Knew itd be a weak throwaway by Acti. 4v4 with what I think was Nuketown. Pretty much Blops 1 gameplay. Lets hope it sells to the masses for Sony's sake

DontShoot-Me-Bro2163d ago

Agree, this was meant to be Sonys killer game this year for the Vita. I just hope that the gameplay from the trailer is no where near the final product, but it probably is :(