Keep It or Trade It?: Kingdom Hearts 3D (3DS) | The G.A.M.E.S. Blog

The G.A.M.E.S. Blog writes: "Dream Drop Distance is a long-awaited sequel in the popular Kingdom Hearts franchise. It adds a lot of new gameplay, but will fans find it worth their while?"

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MHenderson1950d ago

... Fine, I'll open my wallet to you again, Square-Enix. Stop putting out Kingdom Hearts games so I can forget you entirely!

onegirlgeek1950d ago

Ah, but they still haven't put out Kingdom Hearts 3. Can't forget the series 'til that comes out. :)

TheLiztress1950d ago

And yet another reason I need that purple 3DS ASAP. xD

onegirlgeek1950d ago

Indeed. I'm sorely tempted to pick up a purple 3DS not just because it's gorgeous, but so I can put my hardcover from the Mark of Mastery edition on it. If only I had money to just throw at a second 3DS...

NBT911950d ago

EXCEPT for Dream Eaters replacing the ability to team up with Disney characters, it was the best game for the series so far I thought. It was just a little short compared to the others (that or I played it wayyyy too much over the few days it took me to finish it)

onegirlgeek1950d ago

True, I did miss Donald and Goofy.

Venox20081950d ago

I have finished it some days ago, it's amazing, deep and addicting

-Gespenst-1950d ago

Seems like yet another divisive KH game, seems like every KH game after the first one has been divisive.

Still dying to play this though.

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