Puppeteer Unveiled by Sony’s Japan Studio, Delivers a Charming and Twisted Tale

Sony’s Japan Studio has just revealed a brand new game for the PlayStation 3. Puppeteer is a dark and whimsical tale that takes place in a magical theatre and centers around the ”Malificent Moon Bear King”.

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Sev2191d ago

Weird. I found this trademark like 3 years ago. Funny how longs things end up taking to come to light.

decimalator2191d ago

3 years is a magical number in game development :)

gaffyh2191d ago

This game looks amazing for some reason. All of the stuff they've shown this conference is really unique. Why didn't they do this at E3???

Thatguy-3102191d ago

can't get over the fact on how many unique titles they showed today. This looks amazing just like the rest of the games they announced. Love the animation and the way it looks.Astonishing if you ask me. Gamescom hit it out of the park this yr. If it weren't for TLOU and Beyond E3 would have been sh*t.

dbjj120882191d ago

I lol'd at Malificent Moon Bear King.

decimalator2191d ago

This looks like LBP on LSD

majiebeast2191d ago

Looks good that tiger was badass.

stuntman_mike2191d ago

looks brilliant along with the other games shown.

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The story is too old to be commented.