PlayStation Gamescom 2012 Highlights

8bitfix writes: PlayStation Gamescom 2012 brought a lot of great news to the fans today! I am here to highlight the event and all the major announcements!

Let's get started!

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gamer4lyfe2042d ago

That was one hell of a show.

raytraceme2042d ago

just in case no one knows this, the song in the beggining of the conference was "Finale" could that be a hint of the ending of this generation?

JAMurida2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

"Madeon - Finale"

Just adding info and link for people, thanks for the find I was wondering the name of it.

ABizzel12042d ago

I feel like a proud parent right now.

This conference was everything we've been asking for (at least almost) and more.

The PS Vita has received so much love at Gamescon that once again I'm excited to own one.

Cross Buy is exactly what Sony needs to close out the PS3 and usher in the PSVita.

PS+ continues to be amazing. What other service nets you nearly 20 "free" games.

PS Move looks like it may finally have the IP's to push it to the core, and while I don't care for Wonderbook, it can make huge waves in classrooms (Interactive learning is the future).

This was an amazing showing of why everyone needs to be a PlayStation owner. Sony has just stole 2012 for me. I'm happy to own all consoles, but especially joyous to be a PS3 owner.

Protagonist2041d ago

Compared to E3, this was a a great showcase for the PSVITA.

majiebeast2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Cross buy made me cream my pants. Also tearaway looks amazing leave it to MM to find a great way to implement all the vita's functionality.

piroh2042d ago

7 new games

Killzone Mercenary
Tear Away
Until Down
Walking with dinosaurs
Diggs nightcrawler

R_aVe_N2042d ago

I think the gamescon showing was better than the E3 showing this year. They brought their A game to gamescom for sure.

K26sephiroth2042d ago

Yeah it's too bad that they didn't show better at e3, E3 was a disappointment in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.