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Emilio_Estevez2161d ago

Something bad always happens when you try to get it on in a horror flick, they should've known.

Thatguy-3102161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

This looks so good!!! Where's the black guy that always get the shaft lol sexy blonds always get it

NIRVANArazor2161d ago

in the back at 11 secs lol XD

DaThreats2161d ago

Nice Move game
Give us the games to want us to buy the PS Move

forevercloud30002161d ago

Reminds me a bit of Sirens which if you haven't played, PHENOMENAL horror game.

Its cool they are FINALLY trying to release games for the move....but isn't it kinda late with nxt gen around the corner? Luckily the move components are dirt cheap now tho. I just wish Sony planned it all better. These types of games should have been out 6+ months ago. And why did they make is so you need 2move cont AND a nav cont depending on the game you play. They shoulda added one of those glowing balls to a navi so it wouldn't be so confusing.

morganfell2161d ago

Exactly. Was that remark really warranted? If that is your opinion no one really cares. There is always one person that has to pee in the pool.

Blankman852161d ago

And I'm buying France. People say alot of stuff over the internet that isn't necessarily true. I don't believe it until I see it.

Daver2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

It looks a lot of fun, kinda reminds me of the cabin in the woods

The Hunter2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Looking forward to this game.. Finally after 2 years with the PS MOVE debut trailer, wich this game was part of the trailer, officialy revealed !!

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The story is too old to be commented.