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PS3 Exclusive Rain Announced

Following PSLS’s discovery of the trademark being registered several weeks before their gamescom presser, Sony has formally announced a new PlayStation 3 exclusive entitled Rain. - PSLS (PS3, Rain PS3)

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alexcosborn  +   698d ago
Looks cool!
dboyc310  +   698d ago
A lot and unique titles were announce today. Look indie and aren't filled with guns and explosions. Enjoyed and looking forward to them.
BlindGuardian  +   698d ago | Funny
What is with all these NEW GAMES? I want more timed exclusive DLC for Third Party games instead!
Fishy Fingers  +   698d ago
Stop trying to instigate s***.
No Way  +   698d ago
Fishy Fingers -
It's a losing battle, Fishy. If not him, then it's another.
shoddy  +   698d ago
Sony is bankrupt!!!!!
Rhythmattic  +   697d ago
Shoddy Sarcasm I believe to the disagrees ...
calibann  +   697d ago
As soon as I saw ''The boy can only be seen in the rain'' I was waiting for ''Created by Peter Molyneux''.
iamnsuperman  +   698d ago
looks really interesting. Nice concept
Grap  +   698d ago
i don't know why i didn't like it. i do really love this kind of games though.
Withdreday  +   697d ago
shoddy said: "Sony is bankrupt!!!!!"

Pretty sad that the "bankrupt" company STILL has more original games than that other one, isn't it?
wages of sin  +   697d ago

No, what's "pretty sad" is that the nearly bankrupt company has "more original games" that get out sold by third party ones-even the much hated CoD. That's what's sad.

This generation started with the 360 being loaded with games, Sony wasn't doing that. Now that Sony is releasing more games (re: exclusives) towards the end, now 360 "doesn't have games?" How does that work? We know, we know: kinect games and xbla games don't count.

Anyway...good for PS gamers, let me know how awesome they are and then complain about quality over sales numbers when no one purchases them.

Compare the total number of exclusives from start of this generation until now and you'll see that the "void of exclusives" argument doesn't hold water. And when you're adding them up, try to keep titles that were announced AGES ago and haven't made it out yet, off the list.
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   697d ago
@wages of sin

You can get a used PS3 for about $200 at most resale shops. I recommend buying one.
Withdreday  +   696d ago
@wages of sin

The 360 never launched "loaded with games". Their first year sucked just like every consoles first year. And you can keep bragging on sales, but at the end of the day, 360 owners are still just playing the same old shat year after year.
fedex682  +   698d ago
This looks beautiful! Can't wait to hear more.
Straightupbeastly  +   698d ago
Heavy Rain 2?
NastyLeftHook0  +   698d ago
your way off. if you actually watched the announcement you would know it was a new ip.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   698d ago
If he actually read the article and not just the title he'd know.
vulcanproject  +   698d ago
It wouldn't be called Heavy Rain 2 anyway.

Maybe 'light drizzle' or 'flash shower'
Straightupbeastly  +   698d ago
Torrential downpour

Sony doom articles are to force Sony to get scared so they'll rush to talk or release info about their next console

Troll recognize troll
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   698d ago
So many titles from Sony. Lol can you guys keep up?
NastyLeftHook0  +   698d ago
they can't, that's why we got alot of sony doom articles, because of these games.
cpayne93  +   698d ago
Man Sony is coming out with some really innovative and unique games.
Indigon  +   697d ago
It's awesome. This is why I bought a PS3: originality and diversity instead of shooter after shooter after shooter.
Xandet  +   698d ago
Was the best game to be announced at the conference. Looks excellent.
FunAndGun  +   698d ago
I don't know, Until Dawn looked like an awesome horror movie game!

That Puppeteer game looked interesting also.

So many great announcements!
TheColbertinator  +   698d ago
But I thought PS3 was doomed...
dubt72  +   698d ago
ProjectDeputy  +   697d ago
go back to your xcock then kkthxbb
remanutd55  +   698d ago
this is what im talking about sony, vita is getting Tearaway and ps3 is getting this unique game, very good.
sway_z  +   698d ago
erm... Where the FXXK is the trailer?? the trailer highlight takes me to a marketing site?
paddystan  +   698d ago
Sony is still beating Microsoft when it comes to games, exclusives and new IPs.
Larry L  +   698d ago
And value for our (the gamer's) dollar.
Jazz4108  +   697d ago
To bad the numbers or facts dont back up your talk. Just watched the trailer and it looks pretty boring. Is this going to be a psn game i take it? And the move game they showed looked like they copied straight from Allen Wake. Im not expecting these to be full retail titles this late in the gen especially since its still a working title and sony takes forever to release there games if they ever do come out as it seems even sonys own devs like team ico find the ps3 very difficult to code for.
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NewZealander  +   697d ago
thats exactly what i was thinking, why are people trying to hype this game up so quickly, all i saw was a boring psn game with terrible music, the trailer was lame.
ProjectDeputy  +   697d ago
why dont you go to your xcocks whine with the others kids there you should find TONS of them while playing call of noobies.

let us enjoy yearly exclusives games and go enjoy your 2 IP'S coming every single year with the other kids kkthxbb

dont tru for a comeback you got served pretty bad.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   697d ago

Little Big Planet Karting
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (New IP)
The Last of Us (New IP)
Beyond: Two Souls (New IP)
Papo and Yo (New IP)
Sound Shapes (New IP...and highest rated recent release, might I add)
Tearaway (New IP)
Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time
Little Big Planet Vita
Killzone: Mercenary
Assassin's Creed III: Liberation
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
God of War: Ascension
Dust 514 (New IP)
Soul Sacrifice (New IP)
Puppeteer (New IP)
The Unfinished Swan (New IP)

See...I didn't even have to mention games like Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, Okami HD, Ratchet & Clank HD Collection, or Black Ops: Declassified.
TheMasterShake  +   698d ago
so is this suppose to exemplify why The Last Guardian isn't done yet? piss off sony

@fantomena did i say show it NO i didn't i said they basically should be focusing on TLG not two other games.

@Digital Analog since when did i mention either of those studios i talking SCEA as whole should not be putting money into other japan studio projects until TLG is finished. its been 4 fucking years there is no excuse for that.
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DigitalAnalog  +   698d ago
Uh, TMS, Team ICO is part of Japan Studio subsidary and is wholly independent. So no, don't say ignorant things.
paddystan  +   698d ago
Did you really think they would show The Last Guardian on an European press conference? Im 100% sure we will get to see the game on TGS.
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TheMasterShake  +   697d ago
why wouldn't they, sony showed off two japanese IP's for the first time at gamescom. enough with the dumb remarks jerkoff.
Hicken  +   698d ago
So what the hell is your comment supposed to mean? How is this game any indication of ANY delays with The Last Guardian? Team Ico isn't making this, so what's the relation?

Oh, I get it. Since Sucker Punch is working on inFamous 3, that'll slow down Polyphony Digital as they develop Gran Turismo 6. That IS what you're saying, after all.

In the past four years, how many games do you think Sony has put money into? We don't eve need a real number; "a lot" is fine. Sony may be in some financial trouble, but they're not so bad off that putting funds into one project delays or diverts funds from another.

And, perhaps most importantly, Team Ico and Japan Studios aren't part of SCEA, but SCEJ, which makes your entire response to Digital Analog completely pointless.

Hell, your whole comment was completely pointless. Just another mass of meaningless text from somebody just ITCHING to bitch about something, ANYTHING.
stuntman_mike  +   698d ago
the gameplay reminded me of clocktower.
FunAndGun  +   698d ago
Haha, loved that game! the sound of him chasing you and how he lunged...made me run my ass off!
OldSnakePS3  +   698d ago
wonder how the american media will try to spin this into a ps3 doomsday article lol
Greyslash  +   698d ago
The trailer gave me chills, it looks amazing.
ame22  +   698d ago
My type of game.
turgore  +   698d ago
Sony will reveal another game by Sucker Punch.
smashcrashbash  +   697d ago
It is so hauntingly beautiful. A world that only appears in the rain? It sounds like a Disney movie or a movie to be shown on IMAX.
Kennytaur  +   697d ago
I'm thinking more along the lines of Studio Ghibli. Come to think about it, a lot of Japan Studio games remind me of Ghibli.
ziggurcat  +   697d ago
i gotta say that it's a really amazing time to be a playstation owner... so many fantastic games coming out for this system right now.
Acquiescence  +   697d ago
I'm there day zero...
Looks incredible, like ICO on a smaller scale.
SupaPlaya  +   697d ago
Just watched the video in the link. Whoever picked the piano piece for the video, great job!

For some reason after I finished the video, I keep thinking of what if they change the music to add more suspense or horror. They could easily make this a horror game as well haha... Or any direction for that matter. This type of setting opens up a lot of possibility.
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jalen247  +   697d ago
Looks fantastic and innovative
PS4OUR  +   697d ago
A lot of people under estimate Sony. They will deliver, this gen and next.
level 360  +   697d ago
Like the idea a lot it's also quite haunting.

These sort of concepts that Sony gives support to is the reason I like them a lot for.
crawling182  +   697d ago
Always interested in seeing what Japan Studio is up to. They have a history of releasing some unique games and making use of PS specific gameplay elements.
vega275  +   697d ago
Meh it didn't excite me in the least. I thought the capcom IP was more exciting and sparked my interest then this game.
Droid Control  +   697d ago
Why is Sony Third/last place?

They so gamers so much love with amazing hardware, and HUNDREDS of original IP.

Poor Sony, a bad launch, coming out a year after the 360, and a high initial price point totally ruined your goals for world domination.

Still, if Sony were to release the PS4 at the same time as the 720 or just before, then we could see an even fight next time...
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ProjectDeputy  +   697d ago
dont worry fangirl

sony will surpass the xbox 360
the own the 360 world wide sales for several years now.
-Gespenst-  +   697d ago
Just because you use Claire de Lune for your trailer doesn't mean it's a deep, poignant game. But we'll see.

Also lol at the text, just describing the story and the game without any real poetry. He meets a girl, he becomes invisible too and you can only see him in the rain. You think it's going to described more poetically than that.

Idk I'm very sceptical of this game. It certainly doesn't seem like an ICO killer anyway.
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Nikhil  +   697d ago
Is it heavy?
strifeblade  +   697d ago
i think more ps exclusives are announced than ever finished.... lol
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