Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified bundle pack announced for PS Vita

GameZone writes, "During their Gamescom 2012 press conference Sony confirmed that a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: Declassified bundle pack will be released celebrating the launch of CoD on the Vita. This bundle will included a limited edition WiFi Vita with a customized back panel, the Call of Duty game, and a special Call of Duty carrying case pouch."

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VitaOwner1944d ago

The trailer they showed for this game at the end looked amazing. Im not a big call of duty fan, but I will definitely be picking it up for Vita.

BiggCMan1944d ago

I wouldn't say amazing personally. To me it just looked exactly like anyone would expect. It's bringing the console type formula to Vita, and that's it's biggest selling point. It doesn't do anything new, or rather, it will most likely not do anything new, and just keep what the people love. They do that, and it could explode the Vita into something more major, which is what it deserves for such an awesome device.

CaptainMarvelQ81944d ago

it looks like any COD game.CRAP
I hope it helps Vita gain momentum,but just for that.

SonyNGP1944d ago

Crap is an understatement. It looks ugly.

StanSmith1944d ago

Got to agree. It's obviously been rushed. The graphics looked terrible compared to other titles.

Still, I expect nothing less from Activision.

NBT911944d ago

Yeah well at least there is Killzone coming out on the Vita. No shortage of decent FPS games with these two and Resistance. And if that isnt enough, there is Super Sony Smash Bros and Cross play for LBP2. AND PS1 games.

Its good to see them taking Vita seriously again. IF the COD bundle comes with a memory card, its a great offer for people who were holding off buying one.

Still, it was a better conference than E3 by some margin.

nikrel1944d ago

How can you say this game looked amazing, it looked like the biggest turd i've ever seen.

I hope vita gamers don't buy into this crap.

Mustang300C20121944d ago

The game looked like crap. I love to COD games for the console but to seriously believe this looked amazing, AND it is 4x4 multiplayer? Someone is trolling seriously.

Protagonist1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Did not look amazing, but the game will push Vitas. I´m excited about Killzone though, did it get a date... they just showed the trailer right ??

NiraTum1944d ago

so one question.... vita is dead???

no¡ ITS ALIVE!!!!!!!°!!!

eliteslaya131944d ago

Vita sales WILL go up thanks to this game. But I hope they've at least implemented staples of Call of Dury like Create-a-Class, Killstreaks, and challenges to keep players coming back and wanting more. Vita deserves much more love, and if it takes a COD game to push really get it out there, then so be it.

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