PS+ Cloud Storage Upped to 1GB, Coming To Vita, Getting Red Dead Redemption

Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus’ cloud storage is going from 150MB to 1GB, so you can finally save your Skyrim saves. The service will also be coming to Vita “soon”.

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Emilio_Estevez1925d ago

Damn, that's a huge upgrade, I know I need it.

gaffyh1925d ago

Red Dead Redemption is a huge game, I only partly played it, so great to know I will get it for free and finish it off. Can't wait for the Vita stuff.

jadenkorri1924d ago

about fin time, ive maxed my storage in less than a month

Christopher1924d ago

Yeah. 1GB was sorely needed. I've had to do way too much save management already with just 150MB.

nukeitall1924d ago

That's pretty nice!

The original size of 150MB was tiny.

decimalator1925d ago

finally. I couldn't store all my saves on the cloud storage. that's a much needed boost

MrBeatdown1925d ago

Awesome. I figured whenever they did get around to upping the size, it would be to 250GB or something. 1GB is sweet.

PirateThom1925d ago

When I was watching it I thought they'd go to 200-250... I was actually taken aback when they said 1GB.

Capt-FuzzyPants1925d ago

250GB would have been nice. But I'll settle for 1.

MrBeatdown1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )


Well played, sir.

Yeah, I meant 250MB.

dbjj120881925d ago

Free Red Dead Redemption is awesome. I mean everyone should have the game already, but if you don't you can play it now!

decimalator1925d ago

Now, the EU PS+ games are different from NA. I didn't hear them say which region would be getting Red Dead. Maybe we'll get some clarification later today.

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The story is too old to be commented.