Playstation Plus Cloud Storage Upgrade Coming

"Sony announced today that they would be upgrading the previously 250mb capacity that you are allowed for cloud storage as a benefit of Playstation Plus. " - JPS

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demetreHG2163d ago

Definitely awesome Thanks Sony

DigitalRaptor2163d ago

1GB ?

Jeez that's generous. What with that and the new games they showed today, the Vita is mine and there's little doubt I'll be getting a PS4, games permitting.

I'll support a company who supports me.

Infiny2163d ago

Nice. I'm already using the 150mb and I was wishing for that.

Gamer19822163d ago

Thankyou Sony for listening to your fans for once. I got asked to do a survey a while back and they asked on that whats the biggest thing I would like from Sony and this was it. I even put steam give 1GB for free. I'll be honest I only pay for PS+ for the cloud storage. The games are nice but I play on my PC these days for games and the games you get free are usually crap games they cannot sell or were AAA like 2-3 year ago.

Since developers started to lock save games and the death of the memory card backing up saves has become the worst thing ever. As if your ps3 died in the past you would lose all your saves END OF. This feature for me saves my hard earned saves as money can be earned you can NEVER get back time spent.

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