Cosplay: 5 Easiest Video Game Costumes

With more and more people attending conventions every year you see the most interesting cosplay costumes. However, first-time convention-goers may want to dress-up, but do not know want to spend too much time, money, or effort into their costume, especially if it flops. This is a list of the five video game-themed costumes that are simple, easy to make, and recognizable for men, women, and groups of people.

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Leonesaurus2161d ago

For Phoenix Wright the entire costume is easy.

For Phoenix Wright's hair, it's a challenge. I'm still idle waiting to get the money to attempt it one day. :/

One day I shall make it!!! The rest of the costume is done! >.<

TiM_FeRNo2161d ago

I had a friend who pulled it off. Carry a big sign that says "Objection!" and your good.

Leonesaurus2160d ago

Yeah, I was thinking about making the sign too! LOL

I just have zero experience when it comes to wigs and I've tried gelling and handling my hair to his style but it's very uncooperative.

One of these days I'll finish it and don the complete costume but till then I'll have to keep it on the "to do list".