morganfell1355d ago

Just saw this on the Live Stream. Really looks slick. Love the touch screen melee kills.

Sizzon1355d ago

Yeah the melee's looked great :)

TheLiztress1355d ago

Interesting. I look forward to seeing what all they add to the game.

cpayne931355d ago

Dunno how I feel about the touch screen thing but the game looks freakin awesome.

PersonaCat1355d ago

I got over excited when I saw the trailer... I thought it was GG new IP lol :( still, I'm excited for this game :)

showtimefolks1355d ago

looks very interesting, i think sony has spent all the time on Vita and i maybe getting one sooner rather than later

everyone wanted sony to show vita games think they have achieved that

that MM game is so cute and i am 28 but i had a smile on my face watching it so to me personally that's a system seller

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