Devil May Cry Anime U.S. Release Likely Canceled

The North American release of the Devil May Cry anime series may have been canceled by publisher ADV Films, according to a recent report from ICv2. The report, which indicates a broad number of domestic cancellations on ADV's part, including the Devil May Cry series, has since been pulled from the site, but is still available via Google Cache. Despite being announced in December for a February 5 release, absolutely no references to Devil May Cry currently exist on ADV Films' web site. These references, however, are also still available as cached pages.

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Homicide3798d ago

From the episodes I saw, the anime was bad imo. It lacks a good storyline and theres very little action.

gamesR4fun3798d ago

ya no big lost pretty sure you can find the subs online if your a diehard dmc fan.

barom3798d ago

yeah, although I thought the very first episode was pretty good. then from ep 2-11 or so was just boring stuff. rest was average.

ChaosKnight3798d ago

Yeah, it was a disappointment... I'll take the games over the anime any day. I kinda hope they do make anime or manga that is more exciting and insures that Dante's attitude is spunkier. =P

Ashta3798d ago

You can watch all of the episodes (at least you could) on Youtube with english subtitles.

There is only like 13 episodes and they revolve around Dante fighting off random demons that end up being sacrifices for a larger demon that was associated with Mundus. Dante doesn't devil trigger until the very last episode and even then you don't get to see it.

Lady and Trish are both in the series and they both meet for the first time and end up making Dante's life a living heck. Also, Dante has an agent named Morrison and one of the girls he saves (a little girl named Patty) ends up hanging out at Dante's "Devil May Cry" store for fun while all he does is sit around all day and eat ice cream in between killing demons.

The anime is more humerous than serious, and Dante is more of a lazy bastard rather than the brash hunter we see in the series.

HOWEVER, in the 10th episode he comes across two characters who seem to be connected to an organization that seemingly worships Sparda. SO! I'm assuming since the anime IS considered canon material that the organization in the anime and in the DMC4 game are one and the same.

I recommend people to pick up the anime if they can ever find it. It isn't as bad as most of the crap that comes across the TV in terms of anime, and it sheds some light on a few things about day to day life with Dante, Lady, and Trish.

RecSpec3798d ago


Haha, just kidding. Seriously, of all the game to cartoon translations, I think the Sonic one is my favorite. Sure it was horrible, but the nostalgia!

AppleSlime3798d ago

Excellent quality as opposed to youtube. All in english subs.

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The story is too old to be commented.