Top 5 Star Wars Games

I love video games and I love Star Wars. Really when you think about it Star Wars is a licence that in theory should just produce great game after great game. While there are some fantastic Star Wars games out there. Sadly there are also some that are just terrible. I wanted to share my top 5 Star Wars games with you guys.

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Relientk772162d ago

I loved Star Wars Episode 1 Jedi Power Battles, I played it on PS1

SlapHappyJesus2162d ago

Have only played pod racer, along with the KOTOR series. Not big into Star Wars. Haven't even seen the movies, to be entirely honest.

Those games, however, are pretty damn good. KOTOR, both the sequel and the original, are two of my favorite games.

DarthJay2162d ago

Mehhhhhhhhhh KOTOR and/even or The Old Republic not being on that list is kind of a joke, but given some Star Wars fans feeling towards the Expanded Universe, I would be less critical if there was a qualifier of "I only like story related to the original trilogy" or something like that.

As it stands, both of those games are as good as it gets in the Star Wars gaming world, with any of the LEGO games coming close and then I'll hear arguments against The Force Unleashed, which I loved.

BALLARD322162d ago

I find the lack of Battlefront disturbing.

pandehz2162d ago

Kotor 1,2
Battlefront series
Jedi Knight Series

whatever happened to these?

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