PlayStation All-Stars Gamescom Reveal: Dante, Sackboy, Spike, Ratchet and Clank

Daniel writes: "We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of Insomniac’s Ratchet Daniel writes: "We’re thrilled to announce the inclusion of Insomniac’s Ratchet and Clank in PlayStation All-Stars! Given the wealth of tools and gadgets at their disposal, it made perfect sense to us to include them in our roster. This duo is strongest at mid-range, and they can cut off many points of entry with varied angles of attack. We made sure that iconic Ratchet and Clank weapons such as the Combusto Pistol, the R.Y.N.O., and Tesla Spikes are available for players to utilize on the battlefield. Clank joins in on the fight wielding his powerful Chronoscepter, and even Mr. Zurkon can be summoned to lend a hand!"

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jony_dols2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

If that's the final roster, then I'm seriously disappointed.

How did Fat Princess & the weird Japanese cat-thing make the final cut ahead of Daniel Fortesque or Gabe Logan?

And Sony's marketing dept should be a bit more original than using Justice's song Genesis, that is already synonymous with Assassin's Creed 2 (circa 2009)

Daver2166d ago

No one said there was no more characters to be reveal... and That japenese cat is very popular in Japan so everyone get something..

NukaCola2166d ago

I doubt the final roster is going to be announced until the game releases. It'll probably get leaked before but this is not it. Plus this is the DLC gen and as lame as it is, this is a game where I can really support DLC. New levels and characters as the years go out. The game will definitely stay fresh. We have seen about 10 characters and a handful of levels. There's going to be plenty more.

PHOSADRA2166d ago

Don't worry, I highly doubt that this is the final roster.
...Besides Fat princess and toro are actually pretty cool in this game :D

Phil322166d ago

If you recall, the leak had more than just the characters revealed today. So far the leak has been correct 100%, I believe.

Thatguy-3102166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )


ginsunuva2166d ago

Steals powers like Kirby by dressing up as others? Lol

ProjectDeputy2166d ago

you realise there are more characters to be announced
at least 5+ dont talk if u dont have a clue thx

Relientk772166d ago

It isnt the final roster, its been announced that there is over 20 characters

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GuyManDude2166d ago

New Dante? New Dante?! NEW DANTE??!!

If there's no Classic Dante skin (and voice) then people are going to freak out.

DirtyLary2166d ago

Cough, dlc skins, cough.

Parappa2166d ago

Dante's alt skin will likely be Vergil from DMC much like how Kratos has his alt of Deimos.

Larry L2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

It has to be repeated SO many times to you people. EACH CHARACTER HAS (at least) 3 ALTERNATE SKINS!!!!!!!

Default costume- New Dante
Unlockable costume 1- Classic Dante
Unlockable costume 2- Vergil
Pre-Order costume 3- Something weird.

And BTW, Kratos' Deimos skin is his "weird" pre-order costume. He has 2 unlockable ones as well. As long as one os Fear Kratos, I'll be happy.

Edit- Since Deimos is Kratos' pre-order skin, Vergil is probably going to be Dante's pre-order skin.

thaking1552166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )

Man I was expecting to see Original Dante because this is titled.... (Wait for It)....... PLAYSTATION ALL-STARS. Dante is an original all star character and why they didnt add him is beyond me... Instead we get this reject that no one likes and the DMC game hasnt even come out yet. Way to try and shove it down the customers throat's Capcom...

You continue to disappoint espcially with the RE6 gameplay with Sherry and Jake. You've learned nothing from RE5... Speaking of that where is Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot or Liquid Snake in this game??? Why Raiden?

garos822166d ago

@larry ill take your word for it. its the logical thing to do really and part of the fun of the game is playing to unlock the stuff already on disc. if its dlc or pay for extra skins then i wont bother

Eamon2166d ago

Capcom trolled hard. New Dante instead of old Dante.

Well, I guess old Dante will remain exclusive to MvC3.

Still, just lol.

CShadow2166d ago

Fat Princess fn rules and Toro is my new pikachu.

toxic-inferno2166d ago

Sackboy's moves look interesting. I think his character will require quite a bit of skill...

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