Sony Unveils Four New Characters for PlayStation All-Stars

Sony has just revealed two new characters that will be joining the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale cast during their gamescom press conference. The two new characters are Sackboy, Spike, new Dante, and Ratchet and Clank.

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iamnsuperman2229d ago

Sackboy yay.... Also getting the PS vita game free with the PS3 version is a good idea.

HarryMasonHerpderp2229d ago

and Spyro! Crash NEEDS to be in this game though.
Maybe they will announce him last.

dbjj120882229d ago

Yup, I still want Crash too.

iamnsuperman2229d ago

I am not sure crash will be. I might be wrong but doesn't Activision own him and probably (quite rightly) want a lot of money to include him

Getowned2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

someone on N4G mentioned Dart from Legend of Dragoon(that would be sweet), Crash and Spyro are a must. how many characters are we up to now ?

Edit: Who is Spike ? sounds familiar but I can't remember. ape escape ?

Fez2229d ago

X1-Alpha would be a brilliant addition :) In fact just make a new Future Cop game!

SilentNegotiator2229d ago

Once again, Activision owns Crash and Spyro....unless Sony wants to pay Activision the unreasonable amount they would likely's not going to happen.

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Burackus2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Did they say that will we get the vita version free if you get the ps3 version? PM me please

garos822229d ago

yeah if you buy the ps3 version you get the vita version free. now im not sure if its gonna be digital only or also for the retail version. i imagine yes

user54670072229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

NOOOO not new is he a classic Playstation Icon, the guy said in the conference that these characters were icons to the PS, Old Dante is an icon not new Dante

This seems like it's turning into a promtoional fest for third party developers.

I don't believe after all the grieft he's gotten they still include him. I'd rather they just use another First party character

So disapointed... :|

Guess that means MGS Risings Raiden will be in this aswell

iamnsuperman2229d ago

I agree It was a bit odd to have the new dante

user54670072229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

It bugs me because even after they were shown he said something like how they were icons to the PS the hell is a poorly recieved character from a horrible looking reboot an iconic character.

It dosen't make a differnece if the old Dante skin is in the game because then comes the big question

"Why didn't you just use classic Dante and have the new Dante as a skin"

This is scaring me because I feel like if we get a FF character now it might be Lightning instead of what we actually want (Cloud/Squall)

Raiden isntead of Snake
New Dante instead of Classic Dante

....jeez...whats next :|


If I was Superbot I would of told Capcom where to stick it. It's there loss at the end of the day, this game will do well and Capcom would of regretted not allowing them to use old Dante to promote PAS. Superbot could of easily used another first party character instead then have classic Dante in the PAS sequel after Capcom realise how successfull the first one was.

HarryMasonHerpderp2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I reckon they will have a skin for old Dante, Capcom want to promote DMC so that's probably why they chose the new version.

Godmars2902229d ago

Only if you spell "O-D-D" "M-O-N-E-Y".

lizard812882229d ago

Even more so, since newer games aren't even using. Project X Zone is a good example.

It is a bit weird to have him as an icon, even though his game isn't even out yet.

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pompombrum2229d ago

They went with emo dante? /facepalm

They better make up for it with a few more character reveals at the Tokyo show.. Cain or whatever the guy's name from Soul Reaver is would be one character I really hope makes the game. Same with the guy from Medieval.

DarkBlood2229d ago

i think it was already well known that new dante is going to be in this game, at least i already knew anyways

moparful992229d ago

I feel ya man.. This game is supposed to be a love letter to playstation fans since the begining and adding a despised revision of a beloved character feels like capcom paid sony to do this honestly.. Ohh well the rest of the roster is outstanding! I wonder how many more they will add?

user54670072229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

"This game is supposed to be a love letter to playstation fans since the begining"

Exactly...very well said

There was so much potential in some of the many beloved characters to choose from with that nostalgia factor and yet they choose characters like him who we don't like. I mean fair enough have him as a skin but not to use as the main face of the roster. Kats obviously going to be in it now as a minion. It should of been Old Dante and Trish/Lady.

People through like smashcrashbash (below) would rather we not say anything and not see this potential be used....because where "whining" about it....yeah of course we are because we don't like him. Sorry but I'm pretty sure Sony could of came to a deal with Capcom and if they said no then as I said above...tlel them where to stick it. I'd rather have Sully or Zeke as a main character then New Dante.

-Alpha2229d ago

Cross for your fingers for alt costune Dante

mt2229d ago

really new danta isn't classic at all how come he made it into the playstation leagues.

TenkoTAiLS2229d ago

Big Daddy isn't a Classic Playstayion icon. Nor is he even from a Playstation exclusive series, so them saying the characters will stem from Sony brands is already moot. Even so, using new Dante when the game isn't even out yet does seem a bit odd, especially since he's not as recognizable as the original Dante.

DasBunker2229d ago

Maybe since it a character from capcom the old dante skin will be DLC lol

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toxic-inferno2229d ago

Clank won't be his own character. He'll be coupled with Ratchet like Jack and Daxter are.

princejb1342229d ago

just wet my pants
this game is getting more awesome

PersonaCat2229d ago

That kid from ape escape was quite surprising. I haven't played those games in years :)

Slightly off topic, but PS classics on the 28th!

garos822229d ago

im glad they included spike. ape escape was the first game ive ever played with the dual analog stick. it was the sign of things to come with the inclusion of two analogs on a console at the time and has served us well since then. its a welcome addition in my book

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