Legends of Pegasus Review - Chaos Hour

Legends of Pegasus is the latest turn based strategy game with a built in real-time-strategy battle element to it. Developed by Novacore studios and published by the well known publisher Kalypso, Legends of Pegasus is a promising entry into the PC sim market. Will it shoot to the stars? Or crash and burn, as we investigate further what LoP has to offer us.

This space-age epic begins with you being driven away from home as your fleet is attacked by an unknown hostile race. As you warp into the distant universe the truth hits that you may be the last remnants of the human race. The story develops from this point, focusing on the struggles that you face as you are in unknown territory with a hostile alien race named the 'X'or' close behind. The plot is delivered to the player in the form of both short cut-scenes and in-game dialogue. The cut scenes involve an interesting display of artwork and strong voice acting to provide a believable story; this is then supported by in-game dialogue as you progress through the story. For a game genre in which the narrative is usually set aside by hardcore gamers, the plot has a lot of depth, however this depth can wither away during the player's input phases.

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