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Andrew Writes:

"Every year Microsoft runs the Dream Build Play contest, where game developers create or submit indie games they’ve been working on. What do they usually win? Money, and of course a contract to create an Xbox Live Arcade title. Maybe you remember a game called The Dishwasher: DeadSamurai, which was a previous winner of the contest. Many of the games that are listed within the indie section of Xbox Live would be great ideas for Arcade titles. Dust: An Elysian Tail, the fifth and final entry in this year’s Summer of Arcade promotion, is the games that won a deal in 2009′s Dream Build Play contest. Dean Dodrill has created a true gem."

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Lucretia2018d ago

seriously, wtf, why isn't it on Live yet? they put up dumb avatars but not the game?????

like, why does Live update Later than PSN when you have to pay for Live....... its stupid.

Dust finally got me to "Dust" off my 360 and its not even up -_-

H2OAcidic2018d ago

Yeah, it was news to me when I started to see friends with the Avatar items. Didn't know about them until I glanced at the Marketplace.

jetlian2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

what does live have to do with psn? 2 different companies. Live updates at 2 am pacific time.. since forever. so you got 10 more hours to wait

H2OAcidic2018d ago

Ha! I didn't even see the "PSN" until now. So what if the stores update at different times. At least you're getting games to play in the end.

Lucretia2018d ago

ha, just sayin its odd how PSN updates stuff first, thats all. i was figuring that Xbox had their update already, I work and am busy alot and tonight was the only time i was gonna be able to play for a while, oh wells, next week it is