10 Third Party Characters that need to be in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

GameSector writes "Some may say All-Stars looks a bit like Super Smash Bros, but honestly, who cares. What matters is that the game gives players a wide selection of characters that make the game enjoyable for years to come. We’ve already seen 12 characters, but there is room for more. While it is a bit easier to predict the first party characters, predicting the third party appearances is a little more difficult. There is just a huge history of third party characters teaming up with PlayStation that it boggles to think who might be in it. However, there are 10 characters that we feel absolutely have to be there."

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ThePsychoGamer2192d ago

While I fully agree that Kiryu should be in the game, I don't get how Dead Souls shows just why he would be perfect for the game. I mean let's look over the reasons he would be perfect for this game.

1: He's a skilled hand to hand fighter.
2: All Yakuza games have been exclusive to Playstation consoles.

GameSectorNet2192d ago

It took him out of the series’ cannon and dropped him into a new environment. The points you made – are obvious – of course.

omarzy2191d ago

Cloud and Sora. Final Fantasy was a play station exclusive all of the ps2 era besides spin offs, and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are only on PS2. This is Play station(you know, that Japanese console) all stars, they need more JRPG characters or Japanese characters in general. We have two bioshock games this gen, we get big daddy, Three uncharted games and we get a character, but now i cannot play one character from any of the countless Final fantasy games?

BitbyDeath2191d ago

Good list, someone from MK has to be in it.

yabhero2191d ago

Characters from this list that are not happening:

Solid Snake will not happen because he's in Brawl but Old Snake maybe...

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