Sleeping Dogs PS3 vs Xbox 360 HD Screenshot Comparison

Check out a screenshot comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sleeping Dogs.

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CommonSense2198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

Hmm, I can't see much difference. maybe there's a little more detail on the jacket on the 360 version?

but really, aren't we past this? i'd be more interested in performance than appearance.

EDIT: Being that i'm at work, i decided to ask a 58 year old woman that i work with, and that has never played a video game in her life, what she thought. I showed her 5 pictures and she said "top, definitely" for every one of them (not knowing that i was doing a system comparison). So, i guess there ya go. Take that for what it's worth.

Nocturne1472198d ago

X360 have brighter colors.

RandomDude6552198d ago

360 looks darker with a tiny bit more detail. A tad better lighting on ps3? It doesn't really matter, if the performance is close.

Does anyone know why the PS3 versions are usually brighter in games or why the 360 are darker? Something in the GPU driver?

StanSmith2198d ago

It's sort of an error with the 360's GPU as it is known to crush blacks, which gives it that darker look. Some developers correct this themselves, but most don't.

The PS3 version is actually how the brightness should look.

RandomDude6552198d ago

You're the man, StanSmith. Always bugged me when looking at these.

Zha1tan2198d ago

And once again there is no difference a all.

Do a real comparison and compare the PC version.

Adolph Fitler2198d ago

PS3 version looks 10000000 times better than 360 version......BUT, the Wii version looks 20000000 times better than the PS3 version,..........BUT the Intellovision looks THE VERY BEST OF ALL.

Nocturne 147, you need to upgrade to a colour television to play your PS3 on.

M1chl2198d ago

I see no difference in quality, but I like more those slightly muted PS3 colors : )

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The story is too old to be commented.