DC Universe Online: Hand of Fate Announced

DC Universe Online just keeps rolling the content out!

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iXenon2163d ago

After SOE made it possible to pay-to-win, I just stopped playing this game. There's almost no point.

SavageFlamingo2163d ago

It's not really "pay to win." More to gear faster.

iXenon2163d ago

That's pretty much the same thing. Once you finish the main quest, there's nothing to do but get gear. If you can pay for replay tokens to get a full set of T4 gear within a week, you basically won

TheKindRoost2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Other than buying the expansions and a dandy hat I'm faring equally ( and occasionally better) with everyone in pvp without the need to pay for extras. If it was as you say a p2w I should be losing badly ...but'm not.

iXenon2163d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

You can't p2w for PvP games, but for PvE, which is arguably the most popular part of the game.