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PSLS: "Darksiders was released to favorable critical reviews and eventually went on to sell very well, but was criticized for being too derivative of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda franchise. Personally, while I thought that this comparison was apt, I didn’t count this as a negative, and thought that Vigil Game’s attempt at making an original adventure game was a mature themed Zelda, a series that Nintendo will never risk making out of fear of losing their core audience. In Darksiders II, Vigil Games has refined many of the elements that made the first so great while also meaningfully adding to the experience for the sequel. These changes allow Darksiders II to really come into its own and create an experience that is as much of a blast to play as it probably was to build."

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alexcosborn2229d ago

I've gotta give this game a look.

dbjj120882229d ago

Can't wait to pick this game up later today after I get off work.

prototypeknuckles2229d ago

CANT WAIT to pick my collectors up today