RipTen Review: Darksiders II (360)

With a brilliant and compelling story, masterful aesthetic and audio design and gameplay that is absolutely addictive amusement, Darksiders II is more than a worthy sequel. It’s a brilliant evolution of everything established in 2010′s apocalyptic tale.

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showtimefolks2233d ago

this game is gonna have above 90 metacritic and i am glad for THQ can't wait to start playing it

NastyLeftHook02233d ago

who cares about metacritic, i'm sure this game will be amazing without it. Metacritic is a joke.

NastyLeftHook02233d ago

Wow i guess a perfect 10/10 means nothing anymore.

Awesome_Gamer2233d ago

Read the review.
They didn't say it's perfect, look at thier review guidelines.

OT: Can't wait to buy this game, hopefully kids will ignore IGN's score this time and hopefully buy it

NastyLeftHook02233d ago

i read the review, i disagree with the review.

PaladinXII2233d ago

I'm absolutely open to a conversation about the game. How far have you gotten in it, tentonsoftube? I'm sure if you disagree with my score you have some valid points to make.

To avoid spoilers though, how 'bout you just send me a message telling me all about your experiences with the game?

Nostradavis2233d ago

Curious what exactly you disagree with? Have you played the game to completion already Tenton?

gobluesamg2233d ago

Im sure it's great but not a once in a generation game which deserves a perfect score.

Nostradavis2233d ago

Why exactly must a 10 be a once in a generation game?

PaladinXII2233d ago

@gobluesamg, @tentonsoftube - There is no such thing as a perfect 10/10. Our review guidelines are pretty clear about what a game needs to do in order to receive one.

In fact, this is the first 10 I've ever awarded. Perhaps, before commenting you should actually read the review and understand the scoring system within which it exists.