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Jim Sterling writes: Darksiders II takes the best elements from many games and blends them into a seamless, wholly satisfying package. With a unique protagonist, killer art style, savvy level design, and ferocious combat, there's little left for an action fan to want, while the role-playing elements have been enhanced to such a degree that the overall experience feels deeper and more compelling than before. If this game is not a success, then truly the world doesn't know what's good for it.

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DevilishSix2231d ago

I enjoy Jim's reviews and he almost always puts forth a compelling case for his review score.

Captain Qwark 92231d ago

that was one of the better reviews ive seen from that site. the score also seems well justified and it seems to be coming from a huge fan of the first like me.

not that i needed any convincing to but it anyway lol 3hrs til work ends!!!!!!!!!!!!

SilentNegotiator2231d ago

I always consult Jim's and Ben Yahtzee's reviews before buying a game. They review games for their gameplay value and their reviews never sound like they're just copy-pasting the sayings on the back of the box.

That said, I don't ALWAYS agree with Jim (unlike Ben), and this will probably be one of those exceptions. I was only mildly impressed with the first game and haven't seen anything to convince me that this is an evolution of the series. But I'll see.

ElementX2231d ago

I must need glasses, did Jim give a 9/10?