Watch PlayStation’s gamescom 2012 Press Event

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Guten Tag from Cologne, Germany! The doors to gamescom 2012, the world’s largest gaming event, officially open tomorrow, but the news and announcements start today. PlayStation’s gamescom press conference should certainly be of interest to gamers in North America, and fortunately the timing of the evening event means that you can watch it as it happens. We’re streaming it live right here, beginning at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific:

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Pacman3212079d ago

600° and no comment...strange...

DarkTower8052079d ago

And a little late to the party...

Relientk772079d ago

People be watching the conference not commenting

DarkHeroZX2078d ago


And with the LBP2 cross control feature it really does show that the ps3 and vita are capable of doing everything the wii U can do without taking a hit in performance. I guess it pay the vita has its own processor and gpu to help make this all possible.

sikbeta2078d ago

Nice conference, so much better than E3, excluding TLOU and GOW:A which were the best of E312

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Bedlam_at_lokis2079d ago

I was wondering about that...

daggertoes832079d ago

Yea these fire ratings are questionable.

Dee_912079d ago


Me_My2079d ago ShowReplies(2)
PLAYER50952079d ago

ehhh. Microsoft's event was wayyyy better!

Relientk772079d ago

I was thinking of giving u bubbles for being funny, but decided against it

Protagonist2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )


U are getting the funny bubble from me ;o)

Knight_Crawler2079d ago (Edited 2079d ago )


DarkHeroZX2078d ago

I accidently hit for trolling :P

ProjectDeputy2079d ago

m$ conferances sucks as always...kinect,kinect and guess what...more kinect

rezzah2079d ago

Wait, you also forgot the Kinect.

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