GamePro: Resistance 2 vs Killzone 2

Master Chief may have pwned 2007, but he's about to get trounced by two heavyweights. Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are slated for a fall release, priming 2008 to be the banner year for shooters. Even better, PlayStation 3 should see a big boost due to the exclusivity of these games to the console. Both are gunning for the spotlight, but it will be up to gamers to decide which comes out in the lead. GamePro dissect both shooters, giving you a heads-up as to what you can expect from two of this year's most anticipated titles.

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Relcom3824d ago

I'll just buy both.....

Relcom3824d ago

Gamepro says they would prefer Resistance 2, but i say its like choosing between kids. I love them both equally in there own way.

Expy3824d ago

Indeed, both are welcomed in my PS3 library.

Rice3824d ago

im gonna get these games on day 1, no exceptions...

CeruleanSky3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

"Why compete?"

Resistance 2 is the excuse the gaming media will use to downplay to outright trash Killzone 2.

This same article will be repeated in various forms over and over again in 2008. Even if it is sugarcoated in feint praise of various forms.

Say good things about R2 so you have free pass at trashing KZ2.

Praising R2 is fine since Insomniac is seen as a miracle developer and praising their games can be portrayed as just a really good developer doing their magic and not anything about the underlying PS3's graphical power.

Whereas KZ2 is seen as validation of the huge PS3 graphical power advantage with an engine that the 360 will never be able to run. The rage and bitterness towards Gurilla for matching their target render of what so many fans of other consoles and the gaming media all claimed would never be possible until the PS4 is beyond any other game in history.

sonarus3824d ago

never thought we would see competition between two exclusive games at least not for a while. We havnt seen resistance 2 in motion but considering its insomniac we know what to expect and resistance 2 is definetly the shooter to give killzone 2 a run for its money. In the end resistance 2 will probably and i am casting my vote for resistance. All they need to do is include vehicles online i hate online games without vehicles.But easilly they both earned my 60 bucks

solidt123824d ago

Same, im buying both either way so they both win.

MikeGdaGod3824d ago

it was the first FPS i'd completed since DOOM

these will probably be the only FPSs i buy all year

nix3824d ago


i love this... the best two next-gen games competing with each other and they both belong to PS3. i wonder how the MS biased sites will twist this. both games will win hearts.

FPS lovers.. you know what your favourite machine is.

leon763824d ago

I don't see the meaning of this competition too!! both are games for the same console and both are MUST HAVE games for all owners of the PS3 (except for guys that don't like FPS)...of course i will buy BOTH of them!

liquidsnake3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

Will buy both of them as well, but I'm a little more hyped about KZ2. The graphics looks better, and I don't know but it feels like a solid game somehow. More "realistic" and the atmosphere of KZ is like it.

SIX3824d ago

Exactly! Everyone I know that has a PS3 would not miss either of these games for anything. They can both come out at the same time and they will both sell equally well.

Resistence vs Killzone = No competition for your money

BrianC62343824d ago

I'm with you. I'm buying both. Sony has some great games coming out over the next couple years.

BrianC62343824d ago

"I don't see the meaning of this competition too!!"

Can you say slow day at the Gamepro office? That's about what it comes down to. There isn't a good reason to do the comparison other than nothing else worth writing about. But that will change soon with GDC coming up.

i Shank u3824d ago (Edited 3824d ago )

i know as a FPS fan im gonna have to buy a ps3 and get both. and mgs4! ( had to mention mgs4) this year + last year = FPS heaven :)

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paracardium3824d ago

I agree I'm buying need to compare.

THE_JUDGE3824d ago

I guess you know your doing something right when people start comparing two exclusive shooters on your console to each other. I'm getting both and I hyped about both. Can't wait to hear more out of either camp.

mullet3824d ago

Who cares? Looking forward to both.

shine13963824d ago

If their going to compete, Killzone 2 better be 1 and half games in one cause Resistance 2 seems like its going to take one hell of beating...
Still, I'm buying both on day 1.

sonarus3824d ago

if resistance 2 delivers on the 60fps as well as 60 player online and 8 player coop it will definetly be the shooter of the yr unless there are unnanounced shooters that we havnt heard of. We havnt seen that much of killzone so we can still give them the benefit of the doubt. Killzone gameplay vids still make me want to play the animations and the blood are the most realistc ever.