Darksiders 2 Review: Death Waits For No Puzzle | Gaming Blend

Darksiders 2, at its best, is a lightning-fast action game that requires strategic play and careful character customization. It’s a shame, though, that this wonderful game is swimming in a vat of flavorless, puzzle-platforming gruel. If Darksiders 3 ever comes to fruition, it should focus on what works in this series: killing stuff.

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schlanz2228d ago

Is it a bad thing if some of us like the puzzles and platforming to break the action up and provide some variety?

showtimefolks2228d ago

no its not but i think games like these should have 60-65% combat and rest puzzles and platforming, Instead of 40% combat and 60% puzzles and platforming.

but they did it nicely in darksiders 1 so hopefully these will be fun puzzles.

If you played castlevania lords of shadow towards the end its all one puzzle room after another, if you give us something else in between than its fine but puzzles after puzzles for a game that is known for combat isn't very smart.

EvilCackle2228d ago

I don't think the concept of mixing puzzles/platforms with combat is a bad thing. It depends on execution, though. If there's too much platforming or it's not very high quality, then it's going to drag the game down.