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Precious few games have something to say, never mind something worth hearing. The grand spectacle of a yearly blockbuster certainly has its place, but the high quality of annualized sequels or me-too titles doesn’t always give players something to take away from the experience. Because it dares to wade out of the shallow end of the pool and communicate a meaningful message, Papo & Yo achieves what others don’t bother to: it is purified emotional expression in adventure game form. Sadly (and it truly is an upset) its successes start and stop there.

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Emilio_Estevez2230d ago

This game looked so interesting, and has gotten fairly good reviews from other sites. Hopefully I can find a demo.

Hicken2230d ago

Demo is up today on PSN. Whenever it updates, which should be around now or so.

Emilio_Estevez2230d ago

It already has (kinda) - some reports of it being down, but the update was posted.

Trenta272230d ago

Ouch. Since IGN is the most popular review site, this will certainly hurt sales.

shammgod2230d ago

Still buying. IGNs trolling does not affect my decision

cpayne932230d ago

I dunno if it's trolling, it looked pretty bad in that video. Very glitchy.

ABizzel12230d ago

I agree that video didn't do the game justice. The game breaking glitches should never be present in a game in today's time. I understand the occasional bug, but falling through the game world is too much.

That being said, that video didn't show me a 4/10 game.

The story is the selling point / driving force of this game, and should hold more weight in the overall presentation department.

The game doesn't look like a 4 / 10 in the graphics department, even with n64 fog filter.

Since I haven't played beyond the demo, I can't say if the gameplay is a 3 / 10, but boring gameplay will make or break a game.

Lasting Appeal is as debatable as the fun factor of a game. It cost what $12 and last a few of hours. Well so does a movie, which is usually only 2 hours.

IMO from the demo and that video

Presentation 8
Graphics 6
Sound 8
Gameplay 3 (IGN) 7 (based on the demo)
Lasting appeal 4 (IGN) ? (haven't beat it)

This game should at least be a 6 / 10, but they have to get a patch out to fix these glitches.

Blastoise2230d ago

Hmmm. Kotaku gave it a good review and 1up gave it a B-

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The story is too old to be commented.