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"Darksiders II is a great game but it’s missing something, that knockout punch that would make it a one of the best of this generation. It is filled with lots of cool moments but there isn’t that one event that stands out above and beyond. Sure you’ll fight a boss or two that fills the screen with its size but the wow factor just isn’t there, 60;there are too many similar events. It’s as if the big payoff is being saved for a sequel down the road especially when you consider how this game ends. At the end of the day the fact that the ‘sequel’ takes place during the events of the first game holds it back from exploring any truly new territory story wise, we know that the seal has been broken and the horsemen have finally, truly been summoned but what’s next? I hope that Darksiders II does well enough for us to find out because I’ve had a blast with both games and if I’m counting correctly we still have two riders to play as, bring it on!" Frank Soldato, managing editor

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