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Darksiders II represents the latest offering from developer Vigil Games, a direct follow-up to the 2010 original. Much like its predecessor, Darksiders II provides some solid action, albeit nestled amid a somewhat flawed experience. It’s also possibly the most derivative game ever made - borrowing adventure and puzzle elements from The Legend of Zelda, action from God of War, platforming from Prince of Persia, and tone from some hellfire version of Lord of the Rings. That’s not necessarily a bad thing - an amalgamation of such incredible franchises could have resulted in the game to end all games. The thing is, if you’re going to so blatantly derive material from such well-known properties, you better nail it. While Darksiders II provides a lengthy and entertaining experience for action adventure fans to sink their teeth into, in the end it never comes close to reaching the heights of the various franchises it so freely borrows from.

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Jio2048d ago

People act like a 7.5 is a terrible score. It's respectable, I'll still get this game and enjoy it.

Emilio_Estevez2048d ago

I don't think it's a terrible score, but from everything seen and read to this point, I thought it would get 8.5 at the lowest and get a bunch of 10's. Still looks great either way, most scores are very good.

Awesome_Gamer2048d ago

It did get alot of 9s and 10s.

IGN/CVG are the only ones that gave it a score below 8.5, stupid sites will turn around and give the generic CoD a perfect score in november

Shepherd 2142048d ago

If IGN gives a score that doesn't agree with what i had hoped for, i go to for a second opinion. actually lately I've been using gamespot for my first opinions.

Gamespot values originality over anything else, and it shows i their review scores. They're a very underrated site that doesn't get the word of mouth and credit they deserve.

Biggest2048d ago

Remember when people cried about every game getting a 9/10-10/10? Isn't it funny that games are slowly being rated closer to how the complainers originally complained. . . Well you see it. Darksiders II is a good game. It's worth a buy. It's worth a 7.5/10-8/10 score. Enjoy it!

Cerberus292048d ago

It's not just the number score I disagree with. There are a lot of points in the review itself I don't agree with. I picked this game up last night and think its really good. One of the complaints the reviewer has is that the game is TOO LONG. I don't know about anyone else, but I like to get my money's worth out of a game, so I don't see how someone can knock it for being too long. But then they'll turn around and praise a game like COD which can be beat in three hours.

antz11042047d ago

How is what Awesome Gamer said "well said"? Because he threw out the most generic comment on this website, slamming a reviewer by making an unfounded prediction they'll give CoD a great score in three months? God this site is broken sometimes.

A 7.5 isn't a bad review, it got rated a good game. People should be happy less and less 9's and 10's are being doled out now. A score that high should count for something.

Lovable2047d ago

Did you just said "a bunch of 10?" LOL yeah right...

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Kran2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Respectable, yes.

But I have a review copy myself, and I personally believe it's up in the high 8's low 9's, not this score.

Then again, i've only played the first 3 or so chapters.

PockyKing2048d ago

I also reviewed it and didn't run into any of the glitches they're talking about besides a few wonky platforming segments. The combat isn't all about speed either, there's so many options. Ghosts die quicker when set on fire, the robotic things die quicker when electrified, they totally missed the in-depth part of the combat and the challenge it puts out there. Even on a normal setting the mini bosses and even some just normal fights were a challenge. Bad review in my opinion.

oNIXo2048d ago

The guy that reviewed it is a super pokefan, he probably set it to the lowest difficulty so he could get through some of it.

doogiebear2047d ago

Chapters? Wait, is it still open world, or linear?

showtimefolks2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

i kind of agree with IGN now here comes the disagrees. But i have been reading most of the reviews and each one talks about glitches but these are things the developers hopefully will fix fairly soon in a patch

i think most reviewers need to get one thing straight yes this is zelda,god of war and POP games get over it. If you gonna borrow or copy someone atleast copy the best.

a score in no way should change anyone's mind, this is a epic game and she used the word epic few times so let's play an epic adventure.

gamespot gave it a 8.5 which i think this game deserves

metacritic is at 90 which is quite good

pumpactionpimp2048d ago

Exactly a 7.5 isn't bad, but I also agree with ign. Glitches are a reason to mark a game down a notch or two. Although I very much liked the first game, bugs on the 360 were so bad(game freezing, puzzle pieces not showing up, getting stuck in walls, etc.) that I couldn't finish the game. And I got it through gamefly a good 8-12 months after it had been out.

HiddenMission2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

Then by yours and Pumps logic Skyrim should have been a 6 or below because it was beyond glitchy to the point of being broken yet IGN gave it a 9.5.

This is what an adult calls double standards and why IGN has no means of being reliable or consistant with their review score process.

Audrey the reviewer proved that she had zero understandings of the workings of the title and she proved that she is horrible and gaming.

NastyLeftHook02048d ago

7.5 is a good score, 5 is medicore. a 4 would be bad.

StayStatic2048d ago

Good score , I shall buy.

hades072048d ago

Seems like some of the sites now are contrasting each other. Ign did not like the puzzles but loved the boss fights; Gamespot like the puzzles/dungeons but did not like the boss fights.

Reviews are a personal taste, if the game is getting good reviews in general, try it out for yourself and see if you like it.

s8anicslayer2048d ago

Sounds like she was nit picking a bit!

SilentNegotiator2048d ago

But in this generation, a 7.5 is a MEDIOCRE score, the way they throw around 9s and 10s compared to last gen.

BraveToaster2048d ago

It just means the devs didn't pay IGN enough to give it a 9.

Morgue2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

A multi plat payout costs around $3.25


Depending on who reviews it, throw in an $1.00 it's an 8.5

WeskerChildReborned2048d ago

I know, 7.5 is still a good score and i think this is the lowest i've seen cause i've seen some 9's or 8's

palaeomerus2047d ago

"People act like a 7.5 is a terrible score."

No, people act like IGN is a terrible website with terrible writers who write terrible articles and reviews and make mediocre podcasts.

HiddenMission2047d ago

IGN has been caught plagairising, cutting and pasting reviews from console to console when only one console version had specific issues and rating up games out of fanboy popularity...Skyrim broken game does sn utterly broken game get 9.5.

Point being if they like a title they will over look game changing flaws and if they dont those samr flaws will be used to damn a game.

Its called being consistant and credible which IGN stopped being since the late 90's.

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The Meerkat2048d ago

At odds with the main bulk of the reviews.

I wonder what Edge will give it.

dasbeer882048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Edge will probably give Darksiders II a 6/10...and that's just them being generous.

Afterlife2048d ago

Yes but they aren't alone.

Another 7.5 - CVG

HammadTheBeast2048d ago

Edge likes being special, so probably a 3 for them, and tons of hits.

R_aVe_N2048d ago (Edited 2048d ago )

Think this is the lowest review score I have seen so far so that says good things for the game. I usually don't agree with IGN so that tells me the game is better than that lol.

Kinger89382048d ago

Play it yourself and decide what you think, not a bad review and it makes sense! the video review made the graphics look very dull and dark i think most footage ive seen has been pc till now unsure!

ill get this after GW2 for now

dafegamer2048d ago

lol this is gravity rush all over again
i bet the metascore would be drastically better than ign's score

Afterlife2048d ago

I predict around 80 because there's another 7.5 and I'm expecting scores around 7-8 from Edge and Gamespot.