Anyone Else Tired Of Waiting For Half Life 3?

We know next to nothing about the next iteration of the Half Life series, and some of us are tired of waiting.

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ATi_Elite2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

No! I can wait till 2014!! (Not like we have a choice)

What has valve done since Half Life 2 Episode 2:

.Team Fortress 2 and it gets new content almost biweekly
.Left 4 Dead and all it's DLC
.Alien Swarm a nice little FREE GAME
.Left 4 Dead 2 and all it's DLC
.Portal 2 and it's DLC
.Counter Strike: Global Offensive
.DotA 2

so another two year wait would mean lots of DLC and another great Original Valve title before the Big One drops!! Half life "Next" leading up to Half Life FPS/RPG MMO"

Yes Half Life FPS/RPG MMO, you heard it here first!

OneAboveAll2160d ago

Yes. Tired of this waiting game. Stop releasing crappy DOTA/CS games and get this thing out before I die of old age.