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gamrReview: "here are a number of noticeable missteps; the platforming just isn't fun, the overworld is pretty empty, the dungeon puzzles take a while to become interesting, and technical issues are frequent. Despite these issues, Darksiders II is a meaty and enjoyable game and a worthy sequel to the first. If you're looking for a big release to tide you over until the holiday glut, look no further. THQ has a winner on their hands."

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Spectator12227d ago

Hopefully it sells well, they really need it to; would be a shame to see THQ go under.

naznatips2227d ago

Yeah, it would. I like a lot of their games.

Runa2162227d ago

I really should play Darksiders...I have it on PS3 but have never played it.

The Meerkat2227d ago

You really should.....right now......go on, I'll wait.

(16 hours or so later)

Now I think you'll agree that it's a bloody good game.

Runa2162227d ago

but it's only been three hours!