First Battlefield Heroes screenshots have screencapped the first Battlefield Heroes screenshots from a German TV station, 3Sat.

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Graphics by ATi3853d ago

What the hell?

Are they trying to make a blatant visual knockoff of Team Fortress 2?


xc7x3853d ago

i mean,it looks like a cartoon,there's plenty of cartoons that look similar to each other,in fact there's even quite a few games that look like each other that aren't cartoony. i don't think valve holds the right to that particular style,you could say TF2 copied cartoon games and shows before it visually

fermcr3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Don´t if this is gona be any good, so, waiting for Battlefield 3 (hope it comes out this year)

Yi-Long3853d ago

... I LOVED the style of Team Fortress 2, but this games seems a bit TOO simple and colorfull, style-wise.
We'll have to wait how it looks in motion, and how it plays etc.

bourner3853d ago

i think we all just want bf3 and this is to fill in the gap between bf3 and bad company

Graphics by ATi3853d ago

From the style of this game, and how simple it looks, it seems this game couldn't even fill a small crack, let alone a GAP that lies between BF: Bad Company and BF3.

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