Half-Life 3: 'We're not showing any games at Gamescom,' says Valve

CVG: Developer responds to Gamescom product listing

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PockyKing2229d ago

I think it'd be funny for Gabe to walk up on the stage, holding a giant 3 and then just leave the stage.

xXtremeHDGamerXx2229d ago

That would be the most epic trolling in all of gaming history.

Saryk2229d ago

I was laughing in the office just thinking about that! It would be hilarious!

FragMnTagM2229d ago

Will someone please blow up Acti-Blizzard's servers for WoW, so that we can finally play HL3, or HL2 Ep. 3 already.

I remember a video of them and their office and all they were doing was being lazy as hell and playing WoW in it.

user54670072229d ago


VALVE...why say this now, why didn't you say this like a few weeks ago when rumors started cropping up again about HL3.

Jesus christ... :|

Blasphemy2229d ago

Why won't people let this go already? He announced Team Fortress 3 is coming in 2014, clearly Half Life 3 is vaporware and never going to be made.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

He did? Link please.

Pwnage2u2229d ago

I didn't realize that Half Life 3 was announced. It can't be vaporware if it was never announced.

timur2222229d ago

It was announced.Well Half Life 2 episode 3

DeadlyFire2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Well there was an article way back before the episodes started stating that if they released a Half-Life 3 it would be around 2011/2012. So I am starting to expect it is under wraps.

MadCatz has given everyone a hint that it is coming. Maybe just as a joke to the public that Valve says "we are not showing any games" So who is your publisher? I know EA/Valve has worked together, but HL3 would be very tightly wrapped even with EA. I expect E3 2013 Next-gen. HL3 announcement after CS:GO gets its time in the spotlight as Valves new game. There is a reason they didn't price that game at $50-60 bucks.

Xyle2229d ago

It's not that big of a surprise. We likely won't get an announcement until the first next gen consoles are either announced or in the shelves ready to sell.

pandehz2229d ago

It was about to be announced until someone posted that article of Half Life 3 being announced. Now they prolly postponed it to another date when there will be no slip ups or leaks.

They dont want ppl to know the announcement date. I bet they will delay it as long as it takes lmao.

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