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Hufandpuf2167d ago


Also, Aftermath looks sick!

TekoIie2167d ago

Interesting to see how Aftermath turns out! But really i just want to get the new weapons :P

Hufandpuf2167d ago

They said they had make-shift weapons and vehicles.

likely to be added so far:

SUV-pickup with mounted machine gun
new character skins
My wishes:
Bolt action rifle to fit the setting
Open roof truck
Double barrel shotgun
collapsible floors
Nightvision goggles

jjb19812166d ago

I've been waiting for night maps too. They were awesome in bad company 2

ddurand12167d ago

buying this tomorrow. ive been holding out because i was paying for back to karkand already.

sick of missing out lol.

GearSkiN2167d ago

its september release budd.

ddurand12167d ago

but i own bf3 and can buy premium at any time.

venom062167d ago

the Premium Edition is GREAT for new players just picking up BF3... you get the game + Premium for a reduced price... and get a BUNCH of unlockable stuff to get into the fight.. good job DICE..

grahf2167d ago

It is a good job, and a good counter to the 1-a-year cycle.


People keep saying each yearly release of CoD is MW 2.5, BlOps 1.5, etc. "Just new maps, glorified DLC, etc".
Thats all this is, right? All for the same price of a new game.

Can someone PLEASE enlighten me why this is a good idea vs. a brand new game every year? I can certainly see why it would make good business sense (smaller dev team working on maps, etc, while bulk of team working on a prolonged timetable for the next game), but why is it good for gamers?

h311rais3r2167d ago

The battlefield dlc is expansion packs.

The cod dlc is maps

Battlefield you get
Enhanced destruction

Cod you get

The bf premium offers a lot more content and enhances the original game.

Cods just adds maps. 1 of which can. Fit in a bf map 6 times.

Nafon2166d ago

Dice games are usually significantly different/improved from the previous installment. DLC just makes it better. and 9 maps was never going to be enough.

unchartedxplorer2167d ago

Nice makes me want to start playing this game again

grahf2167d ago

Me too, if it wasn't so sub-par on the 360 and I had a good PC rig!
Every time I see these trailers I think "Daaaaamn!" But then I realize that "The Biggest Battlefield 3 Map Evah!!!!" with 24 players would be rephrased as "The Boringest Battlefield 3 Map Evah!!!"

64 players, 1080p & 60 FPS+ for the win.
Have fun, PC-gamers!

Bladesfist2167d ago

Thanks Grahf. I will blow up some people online tonight in your honor.

grahf2166d ago

It would be appreciated!

Skate-AK2166d ago

They will still scale it down on consoles. Harvest Day and Heavy Metal where huge on BFBC2 but I didnt have any problems with it only being 24 players.

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