Gamescom 2012 - Dead Space 3 Brings the Horror Back With a New Story Trailer

Fans can stop worrying about Dead Space 3 now.

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user54670072076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

"Fans can stop worry about Dead Space 3 now"

I don't think so

This could of been a great horror franchise...shame they went with Capcoms plan to ruin what they have. I saw nothing in this that made me think of the first game and what made me fall in love with this franchise.

I love the IGN comment though "It's Classic Dead Space through and through"....what a bunch of suck ups. Theres nothing classic in DS3.

Oh and I hate the new character...a typical soldier grunt who won't like Issac at the beginging but will like him at the end, he'll also try to be funny with his one liners but will just come off as a douche.

Even though co-op is optional these levels are still obviously built around the feature. Plus the character will still be in the story...if they wanted to do co-op why not just have Ellie.


Least RE became more established before they ruined it...

ThatKanadianKid2076d ago

You apparently don't know a lot about Dead Space if you think Capcom's developing it. And that trailer definitely impressed me and made the game look like a hell of a lotta fun.

user54670072076d ago

lol when did I say Capcom were developing it, I just compared it to what Capcom did with their horror franchise RE.

Hisiru2076d ago

This trailer looks good but I am still worried about things like cover system, universal ammo etc etc. This is not what Dead Space fans want.

PockyKing2076d ago

They took out universal ammo actually, I'll see if I can find the article we reported on that subject.

Daver2076d ago


They already said that there would not have Universal ammo in the game, it was only for the purpose of the demo.

LOGICWINS2076d ago

@MikeCosgrove- RE6, DMC, now Dead Space 3...are there any games that you ARE looking forward too?

Kurt Russell2075d ago

Chill out mike, play another IP. I am personally looking for to DS3 regardless of what the self entitled internet cry babies want.

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TheBlackSmoke2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Waaaaaaaa!!! every game suckssss!

Hey, theres a new Dmc trailer out today, make sure to go shit on that too.

Yes im the troll..."hurr durr gears of dead space, im so original",

Im not the armchair critic who reviews entire games based on a minute worth of trailer. Fake ass gamers

VanillaBear2076d ago

What an immature troll you are...don't like his comments, don't reply. Simples

Anyway you guys are obviously delusional if you saw anything Dead Space like in that trailer

It's a generic third person action game now

Gears of Dead Space

PockyKing2076d ago

Lol, I love how you call him a troll and then go onto to say Gears of Dead Space.

Kaos_Vll2076d ago


don't forget about AC3 and borderlands2 as well! He's had a negative comment on just about every game coming out, without any first hand knowledge of said games.

no doubt in my mind he and vanilla are one and the same and a troll in any regard.

Convas2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Wooowhee. That was intense! I saw the Dead Space I've come to love. And the new suit and weapons customization just make it even better.

Altman be praised? Cosgrove be damned.

PockyKing2076d ago

This trailer got me excited to play Dead Space again! Cmon over February!

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2076d ago

Creepy vibe + crazy space monsters + sequel to an amazing series? Sold

FunAndGun2076d ago

Looks like they are trying really hard to show that co-op hasn't changed things.

I hope that is the case, but I just don't believe it yet.

Sevir2074d ago

So as far as single player goes, its Classic dead space. Hats more 2 third of the game takes place in these tight dark choked corridor ships, and there are also optional side quest that take place in settings like these that flesh out the story and gives rewards go completing it. So like I and many have been saying you simply can't write the game off on an added feature that they chose to highlight in a 4 minute trailer. Its just silky to do that, especially when the highlight of said feature is optional to your experience.

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