CVG - Black Ops 2 multiplayer: First Impressions

CVG: "The Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal at a non-descript building in Cologne looked positively subdued. It was fitting in a way; perhaps Treyarch were aware that there was only so much time to unload a massive information dump on the journalists crowded into the venue. The last thing they needed was to have us distracted by flashing lights and celebrities. We had a lot to get through."

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InsaneGam3r2190d ago

Can't Wait, This game will be sick

FarCryLover1822190d ago

Looks pretty fun. I haven't bought a COD title in a few years so I think it'll feel "fresh" to me in a way. Hopefully I have fun and it isn't as bad as MW3 (based on the 4 times I played it).

Max-Zorin2184d ago

Hopefully Black Ops 2 disregard death streaks A.K.A. awarding people for losing.