Burnout Paradise Demo going offline on Febuary 1st

For those of you that have been enjoying playing the demo online now is the time to buy the full version as of Friday

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kerwin20053673d ago

it was fun while it lasted

Real Gambler3673d ago

They have removed online services after two years for some sport games, they will do the same with Burnout, since they are likely already working on the next version and will not want this one in the picture anymore. Money, money, money.

3672d ago
ColdWinter3672d ago

the reason i c y they stopped supporting online after a spots game is released after 2 years is cuz they want there sequel sell(sports came sequels come ever year) but we can expect them to continue supporting burnout until the next burnout game comes out.

Krazie x360a3672d ago

Well for a game of this quality, I'd recommend everybody go out and buy it if you enjoy the demo anyway. Definitely my favorite racing franchise, and it's a tremendous amount of fun online..

-EvoAnubis-3672d ago

I deleted the demo five seconds after I heard they were going to be turning the online . . . err . . . off. That was about a month ago, and I haven't cared since.

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